"my Wolf"

Ok, it's been a bit since I've written a story that was actually serious, but I've had enough. I'm not the first to speak on this issue and I doubt I'll be the last. I opened my mailbox and to my surprise had several messages leading along the lines of, "how do I do (blah blah blah) with MY WOLF?" Then I noticed several new stories using the phrase "my wolf" as well.
If you are a being that shifts in some manner, be it mental or physical, you do NOT own that form so to speak. The best way I can explain it is this: if you play soccer, then you ARE a soccer player. It doesn't mean you own a soccer player. Same goes for those who shift: if you shift into a wolf, then you ARE a wolf.
The only thing that can explain this confusion in my mind is that some of you may have guides that are wolves and you've some how confused them as yourselves. The idea of your wolf form being a separate entity has led to a lot of nonsense recently, because of children refusing to take responsibility for their actions so they blame "their wolf." If you ever ran into a true physical pack I'd LOVE to hear you explain it to them. Either get your facts straight or stop living in denial.
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Shifting is easy if you can remain relaxed

Thx I will keep that in mind next year when I try to do it

I mean phsyically by the way

What do you mean by shifting?

Human to wolf...

Like mentally? Or phisically?

It can mean both


If you have any questions you can message me

I will

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I don't get it.

Nice, and yeah I used to call it "my wolf" and I admit that I do call it that sometimes still, I try to stick to "my wolf form" if I'm mentioning a picture I drew of it or a dream/vision/etc. I think I used it a lot before because of a lack of words on my part :/

Same here

Thank you Ossory. This enlightened me on the subject.


Thanks you i'm a newbie but i always understood that the wolf is me not something else i really don't get where the ' my wolf ' chiz came from but i always undersood it is me not something else

I wrote the same story. I titled it me myself and I. I think

Apparently no one read it

Oh yeah I remember that story!