I Have Accepted It

Confused at first, frantically asking question about the existence of immortal vampires and why would i have been attacked by something of that nature. i still can not say for sure that the immortal vampire race exists but to me it sounds a little far fetched. i mean creatures who can live for ever, control peoples minds, run so fast you cant see them. that cant happen! but then again so many people didnt believe my kind existed, (a werewolf) well i first hand witnessed something like that and was attacked and bit on the neck by one. i can say im FARR from immortal but, i don't quite act like the wolf i used to anymore, my pshifting is almost non existent anymore. i feel like a prisoner to my thirst for blood. and im coming to accept it. im so much more faster and stronger now than i was. things have changed and in a sick twisted way i really like it! BLOOD THAT IS!
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Theres weird **** out there that even thee eldest wolf does not know. N thats what I need to find out. Mysteries mysteries and mooorrrre damn mysteries

Why do u think ive posted story after story asking wtf is going on with me. Bc im NOT the same anymore. I didnt even believe in vampires really besides the energy drawing ones. Obbbbbbviousally the blood sucking immortal vampires are movie tv show ****. As ive stated in my previous stories. Hybridfighter has filled me in on a lot.

OMG VAMPIRES CANT TURN PEOPLE LET ALONE WEREWOLVES! I have covered this over and over and over.

actually your true blue sanguine blood sucking vamp back in the day could turn a person, loooong time ago, pre dark ages. however most 'vamps' now are just psi. which obviously isn't a virus. way back when they had to share blood so that it would assimilate the host. the bite is a load of crap. technically it would have been considered a blood born pathogen.

I just keep getting frustrated with this whole bitten by a wolf bitten by a vampire, underworld, crap.

I was bitten by an extremely attractive, cynical, and sarcastically witty lesbian once...(whispers) this explains eeeeeverything...