That little crap you pulled on my whiteboard was really cute. Especially when you run your mouth then block me.

This was the message left...

Your ignorance is your weakness. Your method of being above everyone else is your downfall. You will fall. I promise you that.

Despite everything ive never outright claimed to be better than anyone. And one day i will fall. Everyone does. But i assure you its definitely not going to be by you. Also as for weaknesses, yes i have them but no ignorance is not one of them.
SheAngel19 SheAngel19
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Hey i have a question i have always been athletic nd no matter what i have eatin i dnt gain weight period supplements included im not sick or have dis-ease in my body. I formerly participated in football (youth&highschool) wrestling(highschool) nd mixed martial arts(afterhighschool). There was an occasion while i was 12 maybe 13 my mom accidentally drove off without me in the car out of fear i began chase my brother swore up nd down she was goin 35 mph in a 1994 ford explorer till this day i dnt believe she was goin that fast. My brother said he looked back nd he said i looked weird. The next thing i noticed to be weird is that i participated in martial arts events i did perform knockouts but only the fights that where on a full moon it appeared big close nd yellow in color nd gave me goose bumps when looked upon. Im not mean by nature nd at a younger age i was bullied but refused to fight back in fear of causing them harm. I dnt believe in werewolves vampires religion ect. I just find my body to be weird at times.

This is irrelevant and not supernatural.

Lol oh there is more thats just a short summary i was hoping to talk more in depth with you on it but i didn't know if this forum was still live.

Like i said i dnt believe in supernatural religion vampire nd werewolves. But i believe in ancestry with not of this earth genetics. My eyes change color (no spells needed for this it happens naturally) with moods like my grandfathers i find this weird nd when i asked him about it he changed the subject. I have had weird strength when confronted on a few occasions by my three hundred plus pound brother i picked him up above my head with out struggle. I dnt lift weights either. I dnt believe in supernatural abilities but i think there is something weird in my genetics. My mom accounts her pregnancy with me to be weird she said she.was highly active all thru pregnancy. Unlike my brothers nd she craved nothing but marijuana. I believe my bloodline comes from some type of annunaki( fallen angel) stated in many times thru history nd yes i have done research nd still doing so i to further converse with you on these matters. Nd no one in my family has the same hair color either. Im completely odd when in comparison to my family. Plz converse with me on this maybe you can message me with things i can look up before i believe what my friend is saying i am descended from there is more thing i dnt feel comfortable speekin of in public forum so plz do message me or comment back. P.s i dated a supposed to be witch or wicca ( i saw her practices as a joke lmao) but when she saw my eyes change colors she told me she could not date me nd refused to give expanation.

True but my strength is and so is my physique my doctor has no explanation for me so i will continue to research myself for the truth.thx :)

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Why are you being such an *** to gold paw

Because she is a disrespectful ****?


HAHAHAHA. Twelvies!

You are to


Who is? Besides whats it to you anyway?

Me, probably. I'm such a s***. I just **** here and **** there. I just can't stop **-ing.

1 she was my mate 2 she still means something to me 3 I still will protect her and 3 don't like the *** holes and the ones who care about nobody but them self

And thank you :)

I'm used to reading weird ****, but i didn't actually understand that.

Despite the fact she's 12... She was your mate... But its okay, you got a wolf divorce so you aren't a p.e.d.o.p.h.i.l.e. anymore. Awww... *tosses you a BegginStrip*

Thank you

You're welcome. *Pets* Good fake wolfie...


Don't get on my bad side

And the thank you was a sarcastic one

****. You just terrified me. Where did my spare underpants go?!

F u

Oh gods! Please, someone, help me! I almost got on the bad side of the fake werewolf! OH NO! Should I run? Should I hide? Should I **** my pants? Or should I just fall over and laugh 'til I cry?

Just wait you piece of s***

Waiting... Nothing's happening... What am I waiting on?

Okay honestly what are you going to do?

I would serverly hurt him but just not yet wait until his a** is asleep

And do you know where to find him?

No s***

Well then, I guess best of luck to you then.

Love you hunt. *muah

Love ya too, Angel! And when I'm asleep? Oh no! He's too big a coward to attack head on! I'm terrified! Well... Not really... I don't sleep often enough for that to be a threat lmfao

Commenting on something that doesn't involve you is the first sign of someone who wishes to instigate and assume things. Last I checked that title said goldpaw not trothar.

So was I besides I already know about you.

Actually beastly has a big f*cking mouth. I also saw the spat with hunt. Not a lot goes on around here that I don't see. As for az. ive personally met him. I know who and what he is.

Its just a name. Thats kinda the pot calling the kettle black hun.

I can say that if I wish it is not family oriented and is simply how I talk. The way beastly says it you two are great buddies.

Actually I did. I have the messages to prove it. I tried to be patient with him and because I wouldnt feed his misconceptions he pitched a tantrum. HE came to ME crying about a mess he made which I fixed even though it had nothing to do with me.

I will not help tgose unwilling to listen or help themselves. I am not his nanny.

lol this sprouted quickly...

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She's 12. TWELVE.

another nut job sniffing too close to your arse. kick em in the face and let them be morons right? not like they can be anything else lol

Whitelupin you are being rude and a moron your own little ribes are shameful and just scream kiss ***

Actually she was one of my first friends on here

quick wolfjohn, pick a number :D



Why is their soo much drama?

Because I don't sugar coat things and it ****** the kids off.

I see.

Just read any of my stories and you will see.


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Awe I'm glad you thought I was cute. You see the reason I blocked you is 'cause I didn't want to have to hear all the **** you had to say. I myself may make you fall,keep that in mind. And you called me a mistake to my kind. I'll never forget that. Since I'm nice,I will forgive you. But I still strongly dislike you. If I could hate,I would hate you. But following Gods footsteps and his trail that leads me trough life,I will not. For I am loyal to him.

Aww isnt that sweet.I don't recall calling you a mistake just a cowardly disrespectful runt. Which I do not retract. So you can take your very uncared for forgiveness and shove it straight up your ***. And please please do try to bring me down. It will be fun to put you in your place again.

Goldpaw you're 12. Shut up. And don't use that language or I'm telling your mother.

Fine. Please don't speak of her. I have no mother. She's gone. End of story. End of my story. Bye.

May i speak with you

message me then

comes with the territory

I feel bad for you cause people are always starting drama with you

You're better than me Oh Great and Mighty Powerful Succubus aka Bad ***** aka Sexy Hagrid aka...I'm sure there was another, but it slips my mind lmao (to's a joke)