Internet Wolves

I'm very sorry if i offend anybody but it has been brought to my attention that some people have this "gift" to be able to tell if someone is a wolf or not through the internet. I personally say that who ever says this is complete bull sh*it.
it's not possible to tell if someone is a wolf or not just by the words they type online because you cant fully sense the emotion they put behind those words;
however in real life thats completely different you CAN almost completely tell if someone is a wolf simply by hearing the emotin in their voice.
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3 Responses Jan 11, 2013

It's the total true!you're so right! <3

LMAO I love it. I have to sit on the fence on this one. do I think a kid on the internet can tell that another kid on the internet is a wolf? Oh hell no. LOLOLOL

However, do I think that someone that is ACTUALLY gifted and has expanded said gifts over a number of YEARS and come in contact with wolf kin personally can read a persons vibes as it was put. Absolutely.

BUT, it is NO ONES place to tell someone that they are wolf. I can say what I THINK. We are ALL flawed though and do have misconceptions and make mistakes. It is for that individual to pursue it without outside influence to come to the conclusion. NOT someone else of questionable knowledge and experience.

It's not a "gift" it's a matter of being able to read someone. For instance, someone might not be able to read whether or not you're a wolf, BUT if I ask you a question about it, I CAN read if you are being honest or not.
There are some if us though who know how to read the vibes we get from people. It's harder online, but I still pick up vibes from people...wolves have a VERY distinct vibe that they give off.

Nonsense, it depends on the individual. There are some I am more sensitive to than others. There is an individual on here that I get VERY strong vibes from. It bothers me a lot...and I've never really spoken to her.

We all have our own ways. Maybe that's just not yours

Just because you can't doesn't mean it is the same way for others. I don't think a child is capable of it or even really someone at my age. I've grown up with it tho. I can't do it with every individual on here, but there are about three I know for sure that are. I can't do it with every single one tho