Attempt At Meditation

Being only a pup, I've heard older wolves say try mediation to connect with yourself and the wolf inside. So I tried but nothing happened. Not wanting to be too impatient, I continued meditating but same result. I've tried and tried again and again but have come across nothing.
I know you'd probably say 'keep trying u'll get there soon' but after about 2 and a half weeks of continuous meditation and not even a hint of a connection discourages me a bit. If anyone has any ideas, or would help me in any way I'd love to hear them.
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Hello um all I did was actualy connect the vessel we are in as a disguse and our wolves sides together just by talking to it treating if like as if it were actualy an individual if that makes any sense and it helped very much so try that it may help you

Yeah, honestly, I've always been skeptical of meditation as a tool to "find yourself". What meditation is, is a way to calm your mind so you won't be so distracted while you do "mental work". Meditation is akin to self-hypnosis so, it you use it to find answers, you'll definitely find answers, but most likely, they'll be the answers that you want to find.

For instance, it has been a vogue to use meditation in the past to "find your theriotype". Many of the people who were doing that changed their theriotype three or four times and often ended up deciding that they weren't Were after all. Personally, I know of absolutely no Were that found their theriotype by meditating. It was pretty obvious to most of them, and the others were confused for good reason since their theriotype was sorta strange in the broad landscape of theriotypes.

My take is that, the way you answer personal questions is pretty much the same as how you answer other questions - pay attention. If it's about who you are, pay attention to how you react to things, how others react to you. And ElderWolfShazza is right - getting to know yourself often involves talking to yourself and seeing what you say.

Meditation is a process like learning to walk or talk..It is about becoming calm and clearing the chatter from your mind.When you have reached a point in your meditating you can the begin to use focus techniques to better center yourself.

I know how your feel

Me to I'm still getting the hang of it

I'm about to mediate wish me luck

I took me a little, but I got the hang of it. I noticed it was working because my mind felt like it was about to float off. (Very weird feeling.)

Ive had an m shift before with meditating. It was awesome but also scared me

2 1/2, weeks it took me 4 months of meditation everyday to start having results so just be a bit patient nd maybe you'll get there. Until then keep meditating.

Im lucky first time I ever meditate I had a sign it was working

Aww, poor little pup can't 'get in touch with your inner wolf'! HA! Sucks for you! I for one, have and your really missing out! Maybe it'll happen soon, probably not though ;)

Hey sorry but the beggining of your comment to the author the aww poor little that kind of sounded sarcastic and a lil bit mean you should actually be nice and teach the lil pups as their kind of the next generation

I've had the same problems, I try and try to reach my inner wolf but I can't. It's so frustrating and I'm glad I've finally found someone to share my issues with. I'd love to talk more. :)

Try having your wolf bond with your vessel

Meditation requires patience, which I can see you're lacking if you're wanting results here and now. I ask for you to do is stay positive and keep a visualize of you in your wolf state while you meditate on it, speak within your mind and let all your worries and stress become non existant while you continue to meditate on it. Remember patience is the key too!

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Maybe it will take an event to trigger your m-shift.
Also, try and 'feel'. Like feeling your legs jointed like a wolf, or feeling your ears move like a wolf. Stuff like that.
Hope that helps.

I'm still a pup but know a bit about meditation so pm me

Try to light an earthy candle, but going outside to the woods, the park, backyard, etc. to meditate really helps. It's true, that if your wolf doesn't want to awaken or is not ready, then you cannot force it to happen. It took me a while to get the hang of it; you'll get there, don't worry. Just make sure that wherever you feel most relaxed and most in tune with your wolf is where you should really helps.