Born But Not Full Blood

I knew I was different even as a child. I don't cry or yell when I am hurt I yelp and I have always growled when I am angry or defending my self it didn't accrue to me until I did some research online with my obsession with wolfs last year and I found a video of teen wolfs at first I thought it was impossible but my grandpa said that my great great grandfather was a lot like me and lived in the woods he would run off at night when the moon was full and u always hear a wolf howl but louder and more man like.
it hit me after that what I could be I did more research and have found that I am part werewolf but not full my werewolf gene is being blocked by years of mating with humans. I am looking for people like me or what my research has brought me to think I am so I can clear this whole confusing situation up so I can move on.
whitewolfblueeyes whitewolfblueeyes
18-21, F
Jan 12, 2013