Us As Older Wolves

Me only being 27, i cant say im old and wise but Ive learned a lot growing into the wolf i have become. correct me if im wrong but i feel that we owe it to the youth of upcoming werewolves/therians/hybrids/lycans to give them our knowledge, after all they are our future. lets not be ignorant to the fact that we have experience but be humble and educate the youth. when a pup asks "need help pshifting or mshifting lets not be ignorant to them but educate them in the matter. after all they are new and know nothing, : ) *HOWLS*
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So how did you know you were going to shift? I'm waiting for my first shift to take place.

Im curious, as a non-werewolf individual, what are some of the myths surrounding werewolvs in general, is silver no good, is aconite/monkshood (better known as wolfsbane) a deterant ect ect...?

Hey silver is bullshit basically every Hollywood movie or show is all bullshit info , however wolfsbane does effect us a werewolf who has taken wolfbane or someone's put it in their system can become very ill till the point you are just laying there can't move but however there is some cure for it

what about the full moon? do werewolvs have any animosity toward vampires or does it depend on the person?

No there is no war or hate or anmomosity it depends on if their good or bad most bad werewolves and vamps tend to try start wars and cause problems for both sides but good vamps and werewolves get along

The moon is a bullshit myth Hollywood created

wow really? that is so curious. Do you know if werewolvs posses any latent talent for magic?

I don't know that one I know that I personally are not interested in magic not spells.nor nothing like that I just be myself

I'm chill with vamps but sometimes I do hate them

I hate vamps they **** me off there like look I'm inmortal but I'm glad that I ain't inmortal

Ah I hate wolfbane I hate it as **** but u can get over it. I'm not saying but who's ever been attack by a wolf hunter

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Hello I just want to so thank you so much for posting this most others look at the pups and call them fake just cause they've talked to fakes and the fakes have made them belive the wrong thing and they can be quite rude to the real werewolf pups anyways we'll written

Ok so I have a few questions. First does the "By the Light of the Moon" spell work and second if it does, is it normal to not remember shifting the first few times and third how long does it take to gain control of your shift? Sorry if I asked too much.

Sorry I can answer that and sorry nope spells ain't real they can't turn you into one

If anything they can curse if they've got a Covent which do the spell together

Um no they cannot make you a werewolf you actually have to be born with the gene

Oh no I didn't mean that they just can place curses which o hate

I already no that my dad and my mum is

I've got a witch friend

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So lets ask you some thing what age do you start shifting

17 18/19 or sometimes maybe later on in the 20s

Not try to have retort but ElderWolfShazza is it possible to shift earlier like in preteen or like 10,11,12,13,14,15,16??????

Well I am not to sure now most people have said 17+ but then there's a few who says its possible so I don't know I think it's up to the wolf

Oh ok just wanted to know. Thanks and when did you start shift????????

I mean shifting

I don't remember the first time I shifted but I'm pretty sure it was somewhat whne I was 17+

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I need help I tried for 1 year and I don't know how become one

You have to be born one

Yeh but maybe he hasn't been taught

So I want to become something I will do what I have to do I want the gift

Nothing you have to be born one if not tiff luck

Well there's one way but u have to have an older wolf and ur not afraid to be bitten by one

But I'm not sure its correct

Sorry that's not correct

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turn me

Nope as you cannot Turn people

I am also a real werewolf

Could you tell me how to become one? I REALLY wanna be one, but cant seem to figure out HOW. If anyone could help me out with this please text me at 973 885 7768 thank you :)

You have to be BORN one

it is just a pity that all of you older werewolves seem to be even more full of it than the younger ones..........aren't you suppose to guard yourselves against the deception of yourselves in order to protect the "puppies" from deceiving themselves too?

True I'm prob the oldest real werewolf here this vessels 21 but this is my 6th time reincarnating

I bet your age I'm 24

How about you are full of **** all.your posts and comments don't make sence and are so full of hate just cause you're human

Im a pup so what

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Yo id love to become one ive done thorough research one this subject and i want a lifr away from civilization

You can't

WTF is a therian?!?!

Some therians value be that they have the soul of an animal, whilst others believe they can transform into their spirit animal (or something like that)

it is some terrible creatures who thinks that they are above the world....and they teach young werewolves to have severe attitude problems bordering on psychopathy...... and a disgusting narcissistic persona.

oh thanx for the info

Actually Shapeshifters cause more psychological damage

Ummmm lol you crack me up that's not how it goes we do not teach them anything like that at all

PS wow indigowhitch is soo funny she says something and then delete it when someone replies

A simple answer is the analogy animorphs although I know that analogy is insulting but it's easy for people to grasp the concept

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Well.. I am not a werewolf but I was attacked by one ... I am traumatized, I can't understand the concept ... I am just really confused ..

yeah i was attacked by a bullsh..i..t.ter too, i bit her she mad bro.

Lol you cannot be attacked by one to become one you have to be born

It is true

hello, i am creating a site FOR this, anyway pm me if you want in or if you want to teach also pm me kay?

i know i sound stupid but ever since i was a child i have always believed in the fairytales i read in books. i think i might have met someone of your kind once, but that was a long time ago. i have a lot of questions but ill ask you this one first. do you have mates?

the only time I met someone magical was when i actually believed that she was........... WHAT A BIG FUKKKKING MISTAKE............ she turned out to be the devil in disguise...and a retarded one at that...claimed to be my teacher.........omfg...she could teach me shi..i..t other than to love myself more than she could ever love herself...because she obviously hated herself being such a fukkkking liar.

Lol you're so full of bullshit everyone knows you don't take things seriously and you're a big fat Troll

I do

Yes werewolves do mate

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Also can you send or post a video of you as a wolf, it would be proof to your existence and be most educational to everyone.

watch it.. u are about to be called a hater and evil troll...oeeeee..........

Maybe that's not a good idea, people may Hunt at you and search for you, they will ask questions and perhaps look you up or something, and then you're screwed. So If you wanna Proof your existence to someone, ask their number and send the video personally in a closed circle.

*lock you up

My family has been hunted by a werewolf hunter it was not nice

Sorry but we don't have to prove anything as its pointless because when real legit ones do prove people decide not to care or belive anyway and then they say oh you must be fake and then they delete block you only because they were just looking for trouble and to stir the pot

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I'm non a werewolf... I just want to be a wolf... A Man in the nature.. A Wolf in the nature.. A predator ... Please teach me How to become a Wolf.. A werewolf

if you are not born one, u can not become one my friend, i am sorry but it is genetic

Well ive been talking to an Angel in the making who's friend apparently became a wolf by a spell, how can you be sure there is no other way apart from being born with it

people are werewolves by nature, everyone has a dark side...and a filthy side...just go and live in nature...take all your clothes off and start playing and lying in the dust.........and start eating raw squirrel meat...get rabies is easy.

if she has to brag about doing a spell to become one then she never was is wrong with you people? she just telling you that so that she can get some TLC from you man.

thats bull crackers

Wow she is lying

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I agree,the youths of the wolf community needs ensuring as well as support of older wolves. I am in search of understanding my inner animal myself,a fierce battle in me,one I am losing.

it is just a shame that the older werewolves are all arseholes who are equally confused if not even more confused than the kiddies themselves............

I'm not confused nor am I an *******

I want to be become one how? Can you help?

if you are not one then its impossible

embrace your shadow side...........with no fear of consequences.....the very fact that you ask to become one is part of your shadow self acting seems..........telling lies and all for attention or wanting to tell lies for attention...or wtf ever.

This site is so very clearly full of RPers that care little of the truly delusional's mental health.

i couldn't agree more...all they care about here is ego kicks,,,telling kids lies to get high on a false sense of importance.

im a true alpha

yeah and i'm a true b..i..tch so what is your point exactly? you gonna out-alpha the OP? seeing that you are both equally full of bs.........

Gee don't have to put werewolves down

Your statment was well brought out but there is no proof.No proof will only make things worse.I'm not saying you aren't one, I'm saying you need to show people your "gift".

some of them only seem to be ONLINE TROLLS FOR A LIVING or ********* creeps that prey on the young's ignorance...fukkers.

i pmed you ... hope you reply

i have a few questions for you Varcolac because you say you want to help educate the new so can you please PM me and educate me that away i know im on the right path and not just chasing my tail.

That frame of mind will make you a stubborn idiot.

asking for online mentor is a stupid idea...all the mentors are mental you want to blow your top too huh?

Im not mental either so stop being disrespectful to werewolves

Hey pm me

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Fellow Otherkin, Hybrids, Therians! Brethren of the wolf! Join me in Secrecy! Subject: Brethren of the WOLF!

Not so secret anymore. (Evil laugh!!!!!)

eat shi...t an die you are sooo full of sh..i..t I CAN SMELL from america to africa.

I will try my best

I feel a change comming, I know its my wolf form. But how do I release it, and just pshift?

wait till the next full moon

i can feel my change too, from now on....I WILL BS the adult werewolves who wanted to BS me when i was them how it is done...and feed them some of their own is the only way they will learn.

But what about b the older werewolves who didn't even do b anything ??

full moon does not effect werewolves

No no talk about the full moon it does not effect werewolves one bit

Pm me

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You could have been bitten, (If that works) have it in your genes, or just have the spirit of the wolf inside of you. You may not have touched it yet, and it remains dormant within your spirit. It's possible that all of you (The ones who are unsure) might have it. You just have to focus...

Bite doesn't do Jack and nor do spells

I am not a werewolf or anything like that ,but I want to be ,how do I become a werewolf

get hurt by a roleplayer...easiest way bro

Lol that can't b make you into a werewolf

You can't you have to be born

Yes much education is needed.


ok...humor me.
is there a way for me to become one? I really admire the thought of belonging to an ancient tribe of hunters not curesed but blessed to walk this realm and serve as a bridge between the species that dot this planet. message me if there is a way. if there isn't, is there a way i could be trained to move like one? seriously.

I wasnt calling you all cursed...I posted *cursed* because I misspelled the word in my earlier post. I meant no disrespect.

believe you me they are all full of sh..i..t and therefore they are all cursed for eternity.

I'm not full of ****

um hi im new and don't know much but i have been mshifting a lot and i think i am a were wolf but no1 in my family has be a were wolf all the way up to my great-great-grandparents
no1 knows anything els except they were in some wars. and are mostly(on my moms side)porterican,or on my dads sid were muts. so is it possible that a great-great-great-....
grandparent could be 1, or like A LONG TIME AGO,i might have had a grandparent that was 1.Is it still posible for me to be 1.

oh really want to be special don't you.....

I am also the 1ly werewolf in my family
The reason you parents aren't wws is they may have the gene of the Werewolf, but it's recessive in their bodies, what is the cause they can't p-shift into Werewolves. It's the way I have the dominant gene and later the ability to p-shift into a Werewolf.
When both of your parents have the gene, you have the dominant gene, and then you probably are a Werewolf.

Pm me

oh, it would be nice being one. not to be rude an all but, how do you know your a werewolf. and wouldnt you have to be like a native american (i know thats kinda stereotypical but i dont know) and how long do you live? are you like a vampire and live forever?

no you dont have to be native american, there is werewolves spread all over the world.

oh okay so they don't have special groups any more? special snowflake syndrome crashed right there...yay

Yeah. Werewolves originally Come from Europe, and through the centuries they moved to all of the continents. In the northern lands the people believe in were- bears.


how do you become one if not decended from one?

you have to be descended from one, it has to be in your bloodline. theres spells, and native rituals but dont really think those work

bullshi...t you flimflamming hoser.......... the spirit has mysterious ways that is unrelated to blood.

very confused.........not being rude.....just asking a valid question
so you think your actually a werewolf...........humans always kill what they don't wouldn't people be tracking you down?..........after all were wolves eat humans or are you saying that's a myth to make horror movies. just wondering what makes you think your a wolf..........maybe you have a sleep disorder ...........or just really hairy..............were you bullied at school.........again not being rude or disrespectful just an interested skeptic

Lol nooo I dont have a sleep disorder n me being what I am I was far from bullied in school. Its kinda hard for anybody to really bully me. Not to sound arrogant. N theres a reason us wolves keep from humans. Why theres so many skeptics....bc were the ones that keep it that way. So there is no war or hunters bc as far as ur concerned..we dont exist but in movies. Message me. And I will tell u anything u want to know. I am going to sleep so I will answer back tomorrow

Hello yes I was wondering how do I keep from shifting on a field because I'm going to join a lacrosse team and I know I can shift if I get angery but I want to keep from shifting in front of every one

That doesnt sound like teen wolf at all!! Sarcasm intended

How do I become one ?

There are hunters....THat consist of All sorts of clans alike...Some are hunters threw bloodlines as well passed down...Most are Vampires-Wiccans-Warloc-Elementalists.... These the more dangerous for they use ritual based magic Along with mental and phsyical Emotional And Dark Based magic....They try TO control And us Being us We Do Not Get COntrolled Enless we have Coven's ANd Ranks within them and only then will One Stand Down....If Not All! But understand We Are all Watched We CAry normal lives And threw that They Follow And They Watch... I can assure you, Surely You have felt the presences before......Varcolac

are you saying prince that WITCHES HATE WEREWOLVES or just scammers who pretend to be werewolves aka magical beings? lmfao

At Lycan786 All i CAn Tell you is if you are not OF Bloodline DAted Back TO ancient times To Recent.......You Must Contact an Elder And only threw Them will you Be SHown A Way if THey Choose it to be so.....They Turn DOwn Many And if you GEt Turned down.......Im SUre you can picture......

do your tailbone got shaper?

What's up with all the periods?

They can't hunt down something they think is fake.

apparently he is not that special...what a way to pisssss on someone's parade denand.

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if only we can live like you they wouldnt be so hateful hybrid25 keep being you

Thank you :)

Hybrid 25 how can I become one ?

society loves flimflammers like this guy......... i find it hard that they want to make themselves out to be a hated minority because SOCIETY is built on the very construct of lies........the difference is that in society they don't want to accept they are beasts...and in the otherkin community they CANNOT ACCEPT it and only PRETEND............just like society basically.

Wow wolves....Thats so crazy! Do you have dreams about being a real wolf? What about the old werewolf movies? How many of you guys are there? There can't be real packs...can there? Whats the difference between Phsy and M shifting? What kind of fur do you have? Are you a dog person or a cat person? Or do you like chinchillas? I really like chinchillas
This is sort of annoying isn't it? Sorry I was just wondering and being sort of ridiculous at the same time. Ignore those last two questions....

are you moocking me!? i actually am a human person. did you know the human heart pumps blood 30 feet! n its such a great feeling when you puncture someones jugular because that is were the stroongest pulse is and it instantly fills your mouth. that is what i enjoy personaly! how about you??

Hm. I can't really say i like blood. It actually makes me a little queazy. I mean seriously its all red and goopy *shutters* BUT I WAS ACTUALLY SERIOUS SIR! AND IF YOU DIDN'T TRY AND SCARE PEOPLE WITH THAT BAD ATTITUDE WE MIGHT OF HAD A FUN FRIENDSHIP!!!!! I'm sorry I yelled. your a very mean person.

i dont "try and scare people" lol. im just telling you exactly.... what i like. you came off to me as mocking me. and recently ive been a bit on edge, there is a guy in our forum downing us wolves. so i thought you were with him. my apologies.

we are not frightened or threatened...just entertained because you obviously don't know HOW BIG OF AN IDIOT you portray yourself as.

zack it is clear the only person that is mocking YOU is YOU by denying what a beast you already are by being human alone.

Aw well I accept your apology! Now onto the Vampire Forum! WOOOOOO!!!!!!!


No Apologies...But yet you SHould Have Kept Certain Info To Yourselves No DOubt..... Become Wiser Email ME FOr Guidence As far AS Us Brethren Are Conserned Age Matters None....Wisdom Knowledge And Power...The abilities Realize not all Of us Can shift Not all of us have shifts Truley the one who change in apperence is The Elders, IF you Havent Shift Do not try to Guide....If you are not of Rank in Any Nation Do not GUIDE! Keep Secret You Bring Unwanted EYES!

prince i don't think you should put yourself out there as a seem a bit like a fruitloop.

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Yeah good luck with that. 9 out of 10 won't like what you tell them or they will be flat out disrespectful. They want an instant result and refuse to work for anything. I do hold out for the one who genuinely listens, but it gets tiring

i agree 100% but it wont stop me from telling them my experiences growing. if they don't like it then they can talk to someone else lol.

That's my mentality, just be prepared for the ridiculousness

*throws book at Morph. I feel sorry for whoever had to "appear" to you >:D

I would waste good literature on you! That's a Twilight book, enjoy the rubbish :)

O_O even you should know better than to like THAT sorry excuse for reading material!

hybrid that is exactly why no one helps them. we are tired of being rebuked and disrespected. honestly the only reasons I have been here as long as I have is hoping the right ones present themselves and the fact my presence utterly ****** off half the members. hatred burns and the heat keeps me warm at night ;)

SheAngel! That was pure poetry! And Morph I want to pinch your ears off!

That's the whole point


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