Us As Older Wolves

Me only being 27, i cant say im old and wise but Ive learned a lot growing into the wolf i have become. correct me if im wrong but i feel that we owe it to the youth of upcoming werewolves/therians/hybrids/lycans to give them our knowledge, after all they are our future. lets not be ignorant to the fact that we have experience but be humble and educate the youth. when a pup asks "need help pshifting or mshifting lets not be ignorant to them but educate them in the matter. after all they are new and know nothing, : ) *HOWLS*
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Yo id love to become one ive done thorough research one this subject and i want a lifr away from civilization

WTF is a therian?!?!

Some therians value be that they have the soul of an animal, whilst others believe they can transform into their spirit animal (or something like that)


Well.. I am not a werewolf but I was attacked by one ... I am traumatized, I can't understand the concept ... I am just really confused ..

hello, i am creating a site FOR this, anyway pm me if you want in or if you want to teach also pm me kay?

i know i sound stupid but ever since i was a child i have always believed in the fairytales i read in books. i think i might have met someone of your kind once, but that was a long time ago. i have a lot of questions but ill ask you this one first. do you have mates?

Also can you send or post a video of you as a wolf, it would be proof to your existence and be most educational to everyone.

what happens if a werewolf breeds with a normal human being?

RealJ92 it usually does result in the gene becoming dormant due to interbreeding. However I heard it does resurface here and there throughout the generations.

I'm non a werewolf... I just want to be a wolf... A Man in the nature.. A Wolf in the nature.. A predator ... Please teach me How to become a Wolf.. A werewolf

if you are not born one, u can not become one my friend, i am sorry but it is genetic

Well ive been talking to an Angel in the making who's friend apparently became a wolf by a spell, how can you be sure there is no other way apart from being born with it

I agree,the youths of the wolf community needs ensuring as well as support of older wolves. I am in search of understanding my inner animal myself,a fierce battle in me,one I am losing.

I want to be become one how? Can you help?

if you are not one then its impossible

This site is so very clearly full of RPers that care little of the truly delusional's mental health.

im a true alpha

Your statment was well brought out but there is no proof.No proof will only make things worse.I'm not saying you aren't one, I'm saying you need to show people your "gift".

i pmed you ... hope you reply

i have a few questions for you Varcolac because you say you want to help educate the new so can you please PM me and educate me that away i know im on the right path and not just chasing my tail.

you know werewolfs don't exist I'll believe it when I see it

That frame of mind will make you a stubborn idiot.

Fellow Otherkin, Hybrids, Therians! Brethren of the wolf! Join me in Secrecy! Subject: Brethren of the WOLF!

Not so secret anymore. (Evil laugh!!!!!)

I will try my best

I feel a change comming, I know its my wolf form. But how do I release it, and just pshift?

wait till the next full moon

You could have been bitten, (If that works) have it in your genes, or just have the spirit of the wolf inside of you. You may not have touched it yet, and it remains dormant within your spirit. It's possible that all of you (The ones who are unsure) might have it. You just have to focus...

I am not a werewolf or anything like that ,but I want to be ,how do I become a werewolf

Yes much education is needed.


ok...humor me.
is there a way for me to become one? I really admire the thought of belonging to an ancient tribe of hunters not curesed but blessed to walk this realm and serve as a bridge between the species that dot this planet. message me if there is a way. if there isn't, is there a way i could be trained to move like one? seriously.

I wasnt calling you all cursed...I posted *cursed* because I misspelled the word in my earlier post. I meant no disrespect.

um hi im new and don't know much but i have been mshifting a lot and i think i am a were wolf but no1 in my family has be a were wolf all the way up to my great-great-grandparents
no1 knows anything els except they were in some wars. and are mostly(on my moms side)porterican,or on my dads sid were muts. so is it possible that a great-great-great-....
grandparent could be 1, or like A LONG TIME AGO,i might have had a grandparent that was 1.Is it still posible for me to be 1.

oh, it would be nice being one. not to be rude an all but, how do you know your a werewolf. and wouldnt you have to be like a native american (i know thats kinda stereotypical but i dont know) and how long do you live? are you like a vampire and live forever?

no you dont have to be native american, there is werewolves spread all over the world.


how do you become one if not decended from one?

you have to be descended from one, it has to be in your bloodline. theres spells, and native rituals but dont really think those work

Ever seen Supernatural??? Keep admitting what you idjits are and someone's bound to start hunting and killing. I'm not saying I am or am not anything, but hey, worth a second thought on your part.

thaaaats why we keep to forums my friend bc then people like the idiots over the past week just get on here and cal lus crazy, if they dont physically see us, they dont believe it. but our people on here, our packs all around the world know who we are.

But He Is RIght Varcolac......Secrecy is a Must and Though you may Only Be 27.....Elders of all ages all over the world Watch.....Listen TO thought of the brethren.....More intune with their bloodline....And their is ways threw Ancient Therian/OtherKin Ritual Unlike Any Ritual based Magic........Only Elders Intune with their Most Ancient Ansetriol Bloodline OF Their Elders....Understand At one Point All of our Families US Real Brethren of the Wolf....MOthers To Sons Were Alike In one Way....The way we but Taste Today....And nonbelievers Crave.....

very confused.........not being rude.....just asking a valid question
so you think your actually a werewolf...........humans always kill what they don't wouldn't people be tracking you down?..........after all were wolves eat humans or are you saying that's a myth to make horror movies. just wondering what makes you think your a wolf..........maybe you have a sleep disorder ...........or just really hairy..............were you bullied at school.........again not being rude or disrespectful just an interested skeptic

Lol nooo I dont have a sleep disorder n me being what I am I was far from bullied in school. Its kinda hard for anybody to really bully me. Not to sound arrogant. N theres a reason us wolves keep from humans. Why theres so many skeptics....bc were the ones that keep it that way. So there is no war or hunters bc as far as ur concerned..we dont exist but in movies. Message me. And I will tell u anything u want to know. I am going to sleep so I will answer back tomorrow

Hello yes I was wondering how do I keep from shifting on a field because I'm going to join a lacrosse team and I know I can shift if I get angery but I want to keep from shifting in front of every one

That doesnt sound like teen wolf at all!! Sarcasm intended

How do I become one ?

There are hunters....THat consist of All sorts of clans alike...Some are hunters threw bloodlines as well passed down...Most are Vampires-Wiccans-Warloc-Elementalists.... These the more dangerous for they use ritual based magic Along with mental and phsyical Emotional And Dark Based magic....They try TO control And us Being us We Do Not Get COntrolled Enless we have Coven's ANd Ranks within them and only then will One Stand Down....If Not All! But understand We Are all Watched We CAry normal lives And threw that They Follow And They Watch... I can assure you, Surely You have felt the presences before......Varcolac

At Lycan786 All i CAn Tell you is if you are not OF Bloodline DAted Back TO ancient times To Recent.......You Must Contact an Elder And only threw Them will you Be SHown A Way if THey Choose it to be so.....They Turn DOwn Many And if you GEt Turned down.......Im SUre you can picture......

do your tailbone got shaper?

What's up with all the periods?

They can't hunt down something they think is fake.

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