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for those of you on this site CLAIMING to be werewolves, lycans, therians, vampires, immortal or shape shifters. you are all basket cases. and should be evaluated. you are all a result of watching to much television and movies. it is impossible for a human being to physically shift into a wolf! are you kidding me! people bones don't break crack and re shape into a wolf structure and then re-heal right after lmao. for you Mshifters that are 20 or older. grow up and join the real world. for you pshifters it is all a realistic dream that you then woke up from. smh give me a break.
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To TheStarSinger, you pose good arguments. However, there will always be people who think they know the way of things regardless of what there is to the contrary.

To the opposition, whose name I find far too inappropriate to say, I understand your stance. Clearly you are afraid of the unknown, otherwise there would be no reason for you to be here. If werewolves do not exist, then why do you have to tell us? If something is fact, then there is no reason to argue it. I do not have anger towards you, but I do pity you. At least you were brave enough to state your feelings and, thankfully, not overly rude or violent. However, your arguments are illogical. If werewolves do not exist, then they have no characteristics, yes? Well, if there are no characteristics that can be associated with werewolves, how do you know what is and is not relevant? You say that a person's bones cannot break and rearrange. How do you know this is even relevant to the conversation? Movies? Books? If werewolves do not exist, then it is certainly not relevant. Thus, your entire counter argument is useless because your position forfeits all evidence behind it that is based on believed characteristics of something nonexistent. You can call us stupid or whatever you like, but you cannot deny logic. The fact is, the very position of trying to prove something nonexistent is counter-scientific because it is a process of looking for evidence in the hopes it will not be there. You are essentially looking for nothing, and any shred of evidence to the contrary (sightings, history, claims of being werewolves, etc.) immediately discredits that argument. I am almost certain you will reply to this and regurgitate the same statements as before, and you have the right to your opinion, but that is all it is: opinion. I work with science, and thus I will not have this argument continue any further. You have your beliefs, and I have my logical arguments. Any further statement of how you think the way of the world is would be superfluous. Case closed. Have a good day.

You are right. Werewolves do not exist solely because current science cannot explain them. By that logic, the Earth is flat, the Earth is the center of the universe, anything heavier than air cannot fly, the sound barrier cannot be broken, etc. You are using science, but you fail to take one incredibly important factor into consideration: if something does not exist, it does not have any characteristics. Thus, everything you assume is relevant to werewolves is pointless. People argue that the full moon cannot change people into werewolves. That is assuming that the full moon is relevant if they existed. And if they do not exist, then it is not relevant because they do not exist. Although, I do not expect this to sink in. You seem pretty sure that you are right and we are wrong, so why should we argue to the contrary. It is not as if most of the greatest moments in science required that smart, scientifically-driven people admitted they were wrong about their conceptions of the world. I am arguing this for your benefit, but if you are ignoring me then I am essentially wasting my time. If you choose to believe that werewolves do not exist, then feel free. You have the right to your opinion, although you may have to explain away psychologically sane people who claim to be werewolves and have no logical motivation for being hated and laughed at. Regardless, I have my thoughts and you have yours. I only hope you will someday admit that you do not know everything, especially about things you say do not exist. I do not know how you can know anything about something that does not exist, but again you have your opinions. Good day to you.

I understand your opinion, I simply disagree. You can say that werewolves do not exist, but you cannot explain why I claim to be one and yet I am a sane individual who functions well in society. I am currently applying to graduate school, two years ahead of most so my intelligence is not a question. That, and I do not go shouting out what I am from the rooftops because I know it would be stupid, so seeking attention is not a factor. At least here, my identity is hidden, as I wish for it to be. But what bothers me most is your approach. Science is a history of denying ideas down to the bitter end and then realizing they are true. Einstein himself said, "If at first an idea does not sound absurd, then there is no hope for it." To begin an argument by claiming that something does not exist is not only counter-scientific but counter-historical and counter-progressive. I had a professor tell me once to never say "proof", only "support" because everything is a theory, not a certainty. The argument that werewolves do not exist is one of arrogance, assuming that a person knows enough about something they are not a part of to say what is what about it. The only way you can know the truth about what characteristics are relevant to werewolves is to take an emic approach, but then you could only do that if werewolves existed which would destroy your argument. Thus, because of your argument, you cannot know anything about werewolves.

Now I am truly confused. You belief that far, but not as far as physical shifting? I will just stop with this. You're not the first person who follows science to think they know what's what. A true scientist only knows that current knowledge is malleable. It is what we think we know and is always subject to change (shown time and time again by it changing throughout history). We cannot say that one thing is real and then turn around and say another is not, especially considering that everything we think we know was once theory. Planes fly, but that was impossible once. I suppose the important thing is that, in your comment you use the word "believe". That is perfectly fine. If you believe physical shifting is impossible, fine. You have every right. All I ask is that you either have an open mind and keep beliefs and opinions out of the scientific process. Also, don't ever shut up, even if you find out you are wrong. You have the right to talk. Just keep in mind that you have to take responsibility for everything you say and accept when you are wrong as much as when you are right.

Thank you for your input sollerage. Your argument is sound. As for the statement that no scientific evidence exists, there are three major problems with that claim. First of all, there is scientific evidence. I have collected a great deal of information and evidence in 4 volumes on werewolves totalling well over a thousand pages and in a more concise, comprehensive argument for the existence of werewolves. Secondly, no one can claim that popular science lacks such evidence when no recognized scientist is even looking for evidence. Just because no one is looking for it does not mean it is automatically non-existent. Finally, as a part of my comprehensive work, I created a paradox that debunks any current argument against the existence of werewolves. It is called the Debunking Paradox. It is actually posted on EP under the experience "I Believe in Werewolves
" and the story "Why Werewolves Can Exist", so feel free to read it. Simple fact: the case is not closed because scientists never opened it.

Eitherway, Drachona, would you mind sharing with me the names of some of the studies you've found? There's only so deep I can dig here and I havent' found an adequate primary source on the study of structural change. I would love to delve deeper into this since it's something I've been interested in practically my whole life. It's one of the reasons that I am studying for my BS in Biology.

To TheStarSinger, be calm. It takes a stronger person to stay calm and logical in the face of ignorance and fear. To Sollerage, feel free to e-mail me if you like. It would be much simpler. Also, not that it is any of my business, but being a graduating senior in college, I know how well the scientific community takes this sort of thing. Be careful how much you let it seep into your school work.

Actually, it's possible, with vestigial structures and humans' bone structuresbeibg very similar, if the cells are convinced they aren't formed right and are able to gain enough energy to expend, it's possible they could rearrange and shift. Given, it would take time and be extremely painful, but there's no telling until it is further investigated.

I must say, I am incredibly surprised. I have never seen someone argue scientifically for werewolves (versus the abundance of evidence-lacking arguments against), except myself. You are correct and wise for your open-mindedness.

Nobody in the scientific community has actually tried it because of the doubt, but at the same time evidence proves that we share a lot of the same DNA sequences with other creatures simply because of the few proteins used in DNA. Also, cells are proven to be able to exert much more energy than they actually do on a day to day basis so our hearts would not explode. Also, most of our organs and bones are vestigial structures of one another and so are generally the same size. Not to mention it has been proven that our brain can convince our body that something isn't right even when it is. Take, for example, the disease in which the body attacks itself or drives people an to amputate full limbs because of the mind telling the body it is not there or is attacking the vessicle like alopecia or apotemnophilia

Thank you, biology is practically my life and not to mention I'm a therian myself and secretly keep hoping someone will unlock the secret. It's great to see someone else who backs this up with actual science too, its not often you see someone do more than attack someone else when they don't have the same beliefs.

Loll seriously? Okay I get it you don't believe in us being wolves. And we're okay with that. But this isn't your life okay?. So why do you in the first place? All I'm saying is let the people out their who claim to be wolves and lying about it, their the ones making us look bad( your statement in saying you think we're all fake) and the movies? Their fake also and is quite annoying. For the twilight lovers out their this isn't the war between wolves and vamps I suggest you stop.

You make good points, Camohunter121, but be calm. Countering close-mindedness with frustration is only asking for further spectacles of ignorance.

All of you need to stop. Save a few who stayed calm, the rest of you are being shamefully immature. There is no logic behind your actions. To wolfvampkiller915, you are allowed to voice your opinion, but there is a difference between presenting belief and claiming knowledge. You are quick and you are naive in the things you say and judgements you make. There is nothing wrong with that. My purpose is to point out your foolishness so that you may reflect on your actions. Insulting people without cause is not a good way to change minds or affect change in general. You speak of things you know little to nothing about. There are those who lie about being werewolves, and there are those who are truly insane. However, making general statements based on misconceptions, personal beliefs, and flimsy psychological theories is both arrogant and ignorant. I am such a being that you believe does not exist, and you can submit me to any tests you like. I had myself reviewed by a psychologist by my own choosing and, while they did not believe in werewolves and tried to diagnose me with some disorder, they could find nothing wrong. I am a successful college student with no disfunction or social issue. Try as you may, your belief falls flat when you do actual research. Again, this is for your own benefit. Perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind is that, even though your posts have been directly insulting to others including me, I am responding with calmness and with care for the advancement of your knowledge. Remember that before you react so harshly and with no regard for the truth or for the feelings of others.

Hybrid, threatening to bathe in someone's blood is frowned upon in most civilized societies. I myself found this rather amusing. Yes, there is such a thing as clinical lycanthropy (look it up yourself, I don't feel like explaining). Do I suffer from clinical lycanthropy? No. Do I think I am a werewolf? No. I know I am, as are several family members. Just because you can't explain something or prove it doesn't make it false. For instance the only proof you have that I exist are the words I'm typing now, but you say I am false and that I don't exist. Well, the only proof that I have that you exist are the words that YOU have typed. Soooo...I'm going to say that YOU don't exist. Until, you can admit that there are things in existence that you can't explain, then you will live a very dull and uneventful life. Science hasn't ended, there are new discoveries and progress being made daily. Try reading a text book sometime

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