Mental Retards

for those of you on this site CLAIMING to be werewolves, lycans, therians, vampires, immortal or shape shifters. you are all basket cases. and should be evaluated. you are all a result of watching to much television and movies. it is impossible for a human being to physically shift into a wolf! are you kidding me! people bones don't break crack and re shape into a wolf structure and then re-heal right after lmao. for you Mshifters that are 20 or older. grow up and join the real world. for you pshifters it is all a realistic dream that you then woke up from. smh give me a break.
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1 Response Jan 13, 2013

why is it wrong for someone to believe in something not of this world? the real world isnt that great and maybe people need to escape it in their own way.