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You All Need To Get Lives

for those of you on this site CLAIMING to be werewolves, lycans, therians, vampires, immortal or shape shifters. you are all basket cases. and should be evaluated. you are all a result of watching to much television and movies. it is impossible for a human being to physically shift into a wolf! are you kidding me! people bones don't break crack and re shape into a wolf structure and then re-heal right after lmao. for you Mshifters that are 20 or older. grow up and join the real world. for you pshifters it is all a realistic dream that you then woke up from. smh give me a break.
prosperity915 prosperity915 66-70 122 Responses Jan 13, 2013

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Are werewolves real?? I am a teenager looking for answers. If they are do they have mates and pack houses and stuff??

Haha that be cool

okay to this I say you are the one with know life you could have just ignored this it is on a website you could just ignore. But **** you thought why not I have no life anyway might as well attack a group of people on a website wow before you speak think.

121 responses and 71 likes! Amazing!

in my opinion, the werewolves that attacked the OP proved nothing other than HOW GOOD THEY ARE AT TROLLING..........did you see the hundreds of meaningless comments they posted calling him names? really....supernatural beings would have had more intelligence than that? no? clearly they are not supernatural and have nothing useful to say than ATTACK PEOPLE WHO REFUSE TO KISS THEIR FEET AS SOMETHING SPECIAL.........meaning they are JUST IDIOTS in the disguise of sages.

Let people believe what they want to believe. Besides, you must have a pretty sad life judging by the fact that you mock other people and shame them for believing in something. The next time you go to mock peoples lives, think about your own life.

excuse me, he is the MEAN ONE? have to see how these werewolves rip each other apart, and tell each other, how they ARE NOT ALLOWED TO BELIEVE IN THEMSELVES AS SOMETHING SPECIAL, BECAUSE only certain ones are CHOSEN or born werewolves............... before you throw a stone, please make sure of your own facts.


maybe you'd love taming that bi..itch instead

then she can feel how that feels.

but she would probably enjoy it.....sooo..........

please then go and stalk sheangel, she has a shortage of them now....

ask her, write on her whiteboard, she will give you nude photos of herself too

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That depends... Fyi the only true difference between a human on their hands and knees and a wolf is threefold: the hips are on top of the femurs, rather than in front; the fur, obviously; and the muzzle, disregarding size. The first two both have simple scientific processes to back them, but the whole muzzle thing is beyond me... however, mitochondrial hypercycling to stimulate hair growth is a current-year discovery, so who knows what we could explain five years from now. My point is that there could be a great amount of proof to this whole idea, so watch your step, prosperity. Some beings are more prepared than others.

One i know there is such a thing as a werewolf but not human its a wolf cross with something els just look of the picture its not even colse to a human

mate its you and all the other people that don't believe in werewolves and those people are just afraid. Afraid of werewolves afraid of death and afraid of the truth. also just because you and other people who don't believe in werewolves doesn't mean you should be saying stuff like you did, to other people who do believe in them.

Ruff ruff haha Honestly you are funny and i never did say i was not crazy. But why are you wasting your time telling us we are and being rude let us have are ways to find a way from the world. We lean towers are animal like qualitys such as wolves to get away from reality. And as for movies i dont watch much tv and as for you, you probley dont have a life if you have time to get on hear and abash other thoughts. But for most of all we like the thought of being surounded by people like us that we can trust and call family is that so bad and this is what we call a pack. But yes i call my self a wolf but thats because the fact i am loyal, giving, and i love wild life. So what if that leads to a group of people like me all calling each other wolves. So before any one jumps to conclusions next time make sure you have details. Lastly non of us CRAZY ;) people asked you to get on hear and add your thoughts.

These kind of people use the exactly the same make believe logic and arguing methods as atheists, feminists, drug addicts, homosexuals and eugenicists. There is a telltale signature to willfully deluded self absorbed evil people.

This is so funny, people defending the existence of werewolves...hahah.....It's like defending the Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, Great Pumpkin and Stay Puff Marshmellow man....

u all full of crap


bottom line,

they are full of shitttt,

then you tell them sooo,

then they write paragraphs on paragraphs MORE SHITTTTT to try and disprove it....

wtf is up with that?


I ain't immortal. But I can blow up water fountains.

Nothing is impossible unless u dont try and adpt to it

Bullcrap....somethings are impossible. Jump off a cliff and try to adapt to flying as your falling, let me know how that works out.

That is possible. You can jump off with a hang glider or a wing suit.

I want to go ahead and say that I agree with Wolfvampkiller... I don't believe in Werewolves, or lycans or whatever.. As someone once said "Pics or it didn't happen".. Where is the proof? where is the evidence that this curse or disease or whatever it is exists? I will go ahead and say that at first I thought y'all were just ****** role-playing..But nope some of you were actually serious!! WTF!? And Physical Shifting is impossible.. I won't say that Mind Shifting isn't mainly because someone could actually believe they are a wolf but aren't really one in which case you probably need to get checked out... What gets me is you keep calling EVERYONE who disagrees with you 'Trolls'.. I don't get that.. now i can understand Hedgessammy and that other girl but don't call everyone that just because they have an opinion... And if you have a problem with someone who disagrees with you heres something you can do... Just don't comment on this and leave this story.. Cause you know that all your doing is opening to door to so-called Trolls and bullies... All your gonna do is get your feelings hurt...

Instead of asking where the proof is that werewolfs exist, you should be asking where is the proof that they don't exist?

okay to you, your logic is way off it is a logical fallacy to say something is not true just because there is no evidence. You have to have more than just evidence from one place or walk of life to prove something 100% wrong. Also in true science there is a existent probability that can be calculated for anything that includes from some group of people to be able to change into a wolf. I am saying this cause I believe in it yes but also because you people who come on websites like this just to stomp on peoples beliefs are the true life les beings as you had to come across this website somehow and just decided oo I need to **** with these people. So actually the truth is you need to get a life we are just expressing are selves which is a right everyone has so get the **** out of here if you don't like it.

you deny because you've never seen, and no one can prove, apply that to life and you'll get far. if we went by that theory, you must think the earth is flat, at the center of the universe, and the sun orbits us, because you will obviously never make it into space to see for yourself. And i should advise everyone to stuff their "science doesn't support it" crap, science gets **** wrong all the time, ever notice how often your precious science makes an awesome drug the world really needed, and would be oh so helpful, that is then recalled because it kills people. i would trust my life to a one legged, blind, starving, demented homeless man before any scientist.

Yes. It has been proved by science, but the OP will never be able to get proof of that for himself, he will most likely never go into space and be able to look at the round ball of earth and think, "well no **** look at that it really IS round..." for himself, only rely on the words of someone else society says we should believe. If scientists had thought the earth was a cube way back when, that would have been the popular belief. wrong, but the going theory. all because the "smart people" with complicated algorithms and lunar cycle observations say so. As for proof, that's the point, if one of us submitted proof, it wouldn't be taken as so. Say I made a video of my shift, someone would say it was computer generated. Same deal with a picture. Besides the fact that we would be immediately ushered to the nearest place for testing, and prodding, promptly locked away for the rest of our lives, all in the name of science of course. For the record I don't expect to be believed, but I do exercise the right to defend who I am. I don't need proof of who I am, I live with myself everyday, but if i can help one person understand us, so be it, I've contributed something to society, if not, as well so be it, at least i tryed. If you seek proof, its yours to find, but when you do, its yours to believe, or not. You may do with that information what you will, it will not change who, and what I am.

Well, if you, like you say, wouldn't immediately condemn a video, you are of the statistical few. I believe there is a fine line to be walked, keeping my kind free, and uninhibited, and bringing people to understand us, so that exposure becomes less and less a problem. I do agree that simply keeping people believing it to be in the realms of myth, it would remain safest, but Imagine for a second you were one of my kind, can you imagine the care you would have to take everyday? to simply hide it? its a very guarded life. Sheltering in the most self induced way,and out of pure necessity. Public forum such as this is in fact the safest way to reach a grand audience. It is also self filtering. the people who believe we are delusional nut jobs, will continue to think so, the ones who are on the fence, well they can be swayed, and befriended, and shown the parts of the world they don't see. And finally show those select few the truth, in the form of proof. It would provide us with just that much bigger of a world we may exist in, one not comprised solely of ourselves. Broaden the social spectrum if you will. More like reverse condescension, bringing everyone down to the same level, I did not claim any superiority over anyone, which is a rough definition of condescending, feeling superior to someone/thing. Come to understand before you make demands, for there is nothing that grants you a right to start ordering for us to give you anything. why would we entrust anyone with our secret, if they wont try to understand us before proof, even take a second to ask questions, how can we trust them with something that could compromise our life, as much as convincing proof? a video that would do the job, or even face to face proof, thats a very sensitive item. I liken it to giving a rocket launcher to your average citizen, who has just stumbled from a pub, drunk out of his mind. while I may lie the ground work for others to believe, they have to show, that they are capable of belief, understanding, and trust. Your average person given that compromising information could be deadly to us. at the same time, chances need to be taken. And no I do not expect everyone to believe, some people are simply not able to believe, and that is fine. But what is to stop us from becoming a little more comfortable in our small world? Have you ever had a secret? irrelevant what it was, just a personal secret? or maybe a secret personal place, a favorite place only you knew about, and you wanted to share it with someone, because it would make it just that much more awesome? its much like that. But you don't want the whole world to know right? that would rape it of its charm, its allure, all of a sudden that little stream in the woods, well now its a wildlife sanctuary, with 200 visitors a day, while thats still a good thing, its not as safe, and pure as it was. does that make sense? its not the concern that we will be less special, thats not the concern here, but our safety could be jeopardized, if we trust the wrong people, whom ive found are the ones unwilling to learn, or understand before they demand proof. On the whole otherside of the spectrum you have the ones that play on the myths strengthen them to keep it secret, and, for them, that is just fine, it provides them with the life they want. you also have the 13 year olds who are playing werewolf, and while role playing is perfectly acceptable. At the end of the day, its your choice, entrust us, learn about us, question us, hell, doubt us, but if you're capable try and understand us, and in the end you will get the proof you want, because proof isnt taboo, or out of the question, it is earned. earned by those who can handle having that proof. my apologies for such a long response, but i felt it necessary.

You're most welcome. I am more than capable of providing proof, in any format one could desire. I am also happy to do so, once i feel the person can handle it, and is ready for it. Get to know one of my kind (a real one of my kind, not the role players and make believers, there are ways to discern the difference, which I'm also happy to explain). learn about us, and understand us a bit, make one of us see you're putting yourself out there as much as we are if that makes sense. that you want to learn about us, and understand us, not just see us like the animals in a zoo. ease our hesitance and proof will be easier to furnish. make us comfortable without making us feel like you're gonna sell us out all said and done. then we'll give you proof. because I'm sure you can see how passing out photos and videos of one of us turning wolf willy nilly could end very badly. let alone doing so face to face with the wrong person. it can be a bit overwhelming, even for us at times.

That is good to hear. Told, or shown? I have proven our existence to 3 people not of my kind. I have told about a dozen that i think will hopefully get to see the truth so to speak. It is slow going, but it seems to be a solid method.

learn about us, question us, do whatever you have to to really know us, there is alot to be known. we are just as complex as any normal person, and then some.

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Ok fine, I'll bite, if we do not exist, why waste your time to log onto the computer, then open the internet, browse on over to EP and search? fair enough, until you proceed to search WEREWOLF. if you deny our existence, and think us crazy, quite simply **** off and let us be crazy, how does it hurt you? needless to say my very existence proves my kind exists. Bit difficult to argue with existence there buddy.

I love your point hear i hate who people look to judge others.

If any of you honestly think that the human body can morph into something else, that's really sad. There's a little something called Physics. Which is part of another bigger thing called science. There's also something called biology. And guess what, all of that proves you guy's nonsense. Not sayin' you gotta follow science, but it's your word against a lot of very smart people, which is about 1% to 99%. Good luck.

He things we know prove it to be wrong, but what about the things we don't know?

Jugging others beliefs based solely on your own limited existence proves your childishness, idiots like you walk around life with blinders on only accepting what you can easily understand. your weakness and ignorance disgusts me.

*Judging *

You can believe whatever you want, just don\'t claim to be something that is physically impossible.

Claiming to be something is our belief, and where is the proof that it's impossible. There is so many things we don't know, one of them could be the process of transforming into another thing.

you mean what you think and have been told is physically impossible, don\'t confuse knowledge with understanding.

oh really? im sorry i didn't realize i had to prove anything to you. i conduct my own research and have made my own conclusions, i have no desire to share my results because there is no benefit to me in doing so. why is it my job to go out of my way to educate people on the supernatural? when some scientist gets possessed by a demon or something im certainly not going to help him. thats not my prerogative. I learn about such things to protect myself and those i care about. I have no desire to aid those who have gone out of their way to deny such things.

that may be true, but im sick and tired of people going out of their way to put down and otherwise absolutely crush anyone who believes in anything other than what scientist have prescribed. all that has happened these days if the science community has taken the same role as the church in the 1500s. yea i said those things, but this post has been nothing but condemnation. there was no respect just straight up assholery. that is why my tone is hostile, the person who made this post and several other people who have made similar posts are going out of their way to disrupt an otherwise relatively peaceful gathering of people with similar beliefs. which i will always be against.

well sure, when it comes to the supernatural, even more so these days, you have a lot of stupid kids who watch tv shows and movies and think they know what a werewolf is. the Hollywood portrayal of werewolf's is entirely wrong so that is where the debate comes in. alot of people are saying that these people are trying to lure kids in to their delusion however if you go by the evidence even that claim is entirely false.

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All of the people who say u can't morph um whoever said u turn into a wolf like in twilight u tell us to stop watching to many movies when it's u who when u automatically sees a Hollywood werewolf u think that's what were talking about but no it's not you all will probably never see a werewolf because they're master hunters and they don't want to be seen because they know as soon as they're secret is out they will most likely be hunted down and killed so the werewolves stick with the shadows

I strongly disagree with the writer though i dont want to argue with someone who is not worth that... but your comment, my friend, is a load of **** -_- it's because of ppl like you that we need to face **** like this....

Hey! Werewolves are real! And Elvis is alive and aliens have been mutilating cows for years! Haven't you seen Ancient Aliens? They totally explain all this.

Excuse me for being so blunt but **** off you flaming old ****. I am part of the Choctaw tribe and I was raised without television or Internet but I still learned that I was a werewolf and because of it I have been able to get a good job, finish college, buy 20 acres of land (for a WEREWOLF sanctuary) and find a **** load of friends. So I can proudly defend my kind from **** like you while your sorry life goes nowhere and you have to fill your days being mad at those who have found a REAL life.

Hahaha. At not with.

I meant what I said. I met another werewolf who gave me my job in construction where I made $28 an hour during the summers.

why join a site just to tell people their crazy why not just leave them alone and let them believe what they believe I was just looking at pictures and got curious and found this website and i don't know your religion but mine is Christianity and i have gone to church my whole life my mom has taught me to keep an open mind on things. I do believe that there is such things as super natural creatures such as ghosts and demons and I believe there are people who have illnesses that make them believe their something there not and I know there are children that believe their things that their not and I know that there are people that hold on to fantasy because it is better than reality sometimes I believe being gay is a sin but so is disobeying your parents it says in the bible "vengeance is mine says the lord" the witch hunts and such that went on where wrong and probably let by scared people but the mind is what you let it be I don't think that there aren't things out there but if they chose to hide its their business not mine and yes people get curious but there's no reason to be down right rude about the answers or believes of other people

I grew up with an all Christian family and still with all the Sundays and Wednesdays of church and praying and talks I still ended up to be a Satanist

ok history, lets see; the holy (christian) inquisition burned "witches" and "monsters" of all kind, and most think the "church" is right, and theyre not stupid... which would mean if no supernaturals would exist... wait, wouldnt that mean... the christians burned.... normal humans? but that the christians did such to "normal" humans would mean they are no better then the 3rd reich? and would that mean that the religion of "so many good humans" is... delusional? consider this in context:so.. its either the supernatural does exist.. then theres god, angels, devils, spirits, vampires, werebeasts and magic of all kind then; OR the supernatural doesnt exist. then theres NO god, no angels, no devils and no vampires and no lycanthropes and no magic; if the first is real, then theres no reason that shapeshifters couldnt exist; because: making the world by "word" and making "man" with clay and moses parting the sea and jesus raising from the dead, you know all that DOES sound kinda supernatural; so if that exists, then the rest would too;im sure only a atheistic materialist would deny the existence of material monsters, witches, magic and saints, and from him it would be acceptable; but from anyone that does believe in god(s) and angels and then telling others that they would be delusional or insane is kinda.... self defeating, isnt that;

can i just say one thing... at the top left of the i Am A Real Werewolf group page it says Fiction Community so any "Werewolfs" in this group is a Fiction Character right? That only makes since to me

All of you non believers need to stfu just beacause we are caustious and stay out of the spot light for the most part is up to us and we do believe In a higher power and I do agree and am very happy that gays can now be together but be that as it may I hereby say all of you non believers need to shove it where the sun don't shine and deal because we are real and we do take offense to things like that. So quit bashing my kind and the vampires all we want is to be left alone.

when did gays become the subject?

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You said you didn't believe in us, that were having a realistic dream. but yet you have the username "wolfvampkiller915"... Most of us have shifted, weather it be the eyes, nose, or ears, you don't know what we have seen or did.

I agree

Thank you.

No problem what did you think of mine

I also agree with what you have said. We don't want trouble, but yet they still shout at us.

So what about our grammar. sometimes it\'s spelling errors, other times WE WEREN\'T BORN INTO ENGLISH. They do quit well speaking it and spelling while knowing there home language. I know there movies are not to be taken literally but it doesn\'t mean we haven\'t seen things for our selves, and YOU or ANYONE else can\'t change that and what we believe. Some of us noticed I our selves WITHOUT knowing about Hollywood things like the werewolf or what ever. And his username can mean anything, not just one thing. You literally don\'t now us, so don\'t think you do.

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And there is no real reason to be closed mind about gays they are not hurting anyone. And for one who is bisexual. Sounds to me who ever has a problem with it might be gay there selfs and are ashamed about it. Its call get over it and stay out of ppls life's and what they believe in haters

You don't have the right to tell someone what to believe in. Like believe in God. There is nothing to tell you the lord is real. No evidence of him yet ppl all over the world believe. I bet u do to so before you judge someone maybe you should look in the mirror yourself

long as anyone "believes officially" in invisible powers that "made the universe or world" those same people who are so "normal" and "faithful" should shut their maws cuz at least the other stuff some believe has a physical body to it, where their "gods" only exist in some "invisible spiritual place" or such nonsense. >=}~

This discussion sickens me how the hell do you think you are telling people what is right and what is wrong if you don't like it then leave. don't bring your boring **** here all because your not happy with how some one acts. WE ARE FINE AS WE ARE. So with as much respect that you have shown us get lost. Well done to the ones who are standing up.