I Will Destroy You All

i will single handed turn all you wana be wolves into the normal human beings you are. i will get you all to realize it. look in the mirrors. stop trying to be something you are not. if wolves knew exactly what you were doing they would laugh at you if they could!. let me properly introduce my self. i am the wolfvampkiller. and i live up to my name. : ) my stay will be comfy.
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13 Responses Jan 13, 2013

they are not worth the bullet,

in the end they will all destroy themselves,

they are their own worst enemy....

not you, me or any hunter for that regard.

good to know. *rolls eyes*

Well I for one, am human, but lets be clear, my wolf is a wolf, we are on and the same, hence werewolf, or from its german roots 'Werwolf" Wer meaning man, Wolf obviously meaning wolf, manwolf, i am both, equally. I eagerly await your frail attempt to turn my wolf human. Please I implore you to try, as vain as it shall be.

In real life everyone acts like animals,

In real life all humans are mammals - they eat and shittt, have hair, nails, snot, ear wax.....

Those who call themselves werewolves are people who do not seem to understand the shadow aspects of mankind....

There is really nothing that makes them different from other human beings THAT DO NOT NEED TO SHAPESHIFT in order to harm another individual,

In life everyone can act like a wolf, a beast....

And best of all is that animal qualities is inherent to ALL MANKIND....

if you want to be a real animal call yourself a HUMAN, THEY DO ENOUGH HARM AS IT IS TO EACH OTHER AND THEMSELVES because of embracing the animal part in themselves too much.

Hence one cannot say "well i am a wolf because i am ashamed of the human race as a species" when that which you are ashamed of you are in fact trying to RE-ENACT by claiming to be a wolf...

To me it is just nonsensical to call yourself a beast when you already part of an animalistic acting race...

Like wtf?

Well that is your opinion. I suppose you've a right to that.

Old guy out to kill wolves!RUN! Or jog.... Or walk... Walking is fine

We all know that we have our differences so why the H E L L can't we get along.

A senior citizen is a hunter...oh god help us all...we are doomed :)

Or you could always mind your own buisness and leave us alone. Just go jump off a bridge bastard.

ok ok im sorry hybrid25! i didnt mean to offend you. no need to be violent. im leaving ok! im sorry. i will not test you. im sorry if i offended anyone!

Obviously you just want attention other wise you would have just moved on instead of posting a story on here. So if you really had a problem with the page you would have just moved on. Instead you just want to get people worked up probably because you aren't happy with yourself so move on and get over it. You are the one starting **** and obviously it is getting really old.

Your **** is getting old, so kindly get off this page ...

-_-; I'm sticking to "I like Tacos"

i want you to listen to me you ignorant insignificance. do you understand what i could do to you!? do you understand wtf kind of rage i already feel. i will kill you and enjoy ripping your pretty little head off your body than leaving the body for the rest of the hungry wolves here. i will gladly sink my teeth into your pumping jugular and drain you of the blood going to your egotistical head. dont test me!!!!! or any other wolf on here! *howls!!!!!*


There's something called a shotgun. I don't think you can dodge shards of metal flying at over 1500 feet per second. Though it'd be pretty cool if you could. I mean no offense by this just saying.