My Appologies

I want to appologize to my fellow wolves in this group tonight for my uncontrollable rage towards the "non-believers" tonight. I let my anger and rage get the best of me and it never ends up pretty. Good night all and to the non believing mocking ****** as well. *howls*
zackshelpingpeople26 zackshelpingpeople26
8 Responses Jan 14, 2013

yeah it can get pretty annoying when people do not believe in us when its pretty damn real...... sometimes they make me wanna scream because they are soooo bloody annoying.

No offense to anybody, but it seems a lot of people here talk about how humans think they are all high and mighty. You guys can't deny that you're equally as bad when it comes to arrogance.

Not all of us. Most of us don't. It's only when they get us mad that some say "You humans think you're so cool" or whatever it is that is said.

It is okay, wolves. Gather now but I, Dragonborn, Shall slay you all soon!

ohhhh. sheeeeeet. :-0 make sure you count your calories before ok little buddy?

yea it gets really annoying when people dont beleave thing that are real

We are all wolfs, we fight to defend our grounds, our familly, and our pride. Rage is our brother, loyalty is our sister. Pride is our mother. And the moon is our father.

Its okay dude rage gets the best of people somtimes

Try the calm cynical approach >:) it's rather amusing

Its okay, i dont think i was exactly humble towards them either...
But completely understandable! they were being a-holes.