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I have been on my own for 5 years. With no one to talk to about what I am. My family came from Chilons, but we're unaware of your heritage. Until I was born. My dad claims he's great grandmother would tell stories of wolves walking as man. Also claimed own family is from a direct line of something called origin. I have found no leads in my search to find what I am. If anyone can help me found answers I would be forever loyal.
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Cholina? Czech Republic?

Never heard of chilons

It's not a place. He's a man who was said to be the half son of luna.

Selene is my goddess and still never heard of him. Selene had daughters.

And whats a half son?

That should have been half human son. A demi god if u will. And I don't know this to be true. Just my father's tellings of things he's great grandmother use to say. That's why I was asking for help. I know nothing and want to understand what I am better.

I'm Roman not Greek. So luna for me. Not Serene.

Yay someone looked something up. Good job. And no im not being a ***** *gives him a cookie.

Selene is the matron of my kin. And she actually predates greco roman mythos in some stories. Very very old lunar deity.

Dude I came here for help if all I can find is people longing for attention by being mean and bashing people then ill just stick by myself. Done fine so far. have any of these comments bashed you? Since when was getting a better understanding of where an individual is coming from mean?

No not Yall. Looking around at other people's stores. People just seem to be trolling and accusing people of being crazy. I want just want a better understanding. Not hate mail.

No one is hating on you here

Can anyone here help me surprise what's inside me? If not then like I said I'll stick to myself. Pm me if u can truly help me I just wanna be normal again.

Actually that was all tonight and it took me forever to flag them all. Right now im being nice and im the biggest ***** here so you will be okay. All you really gave us was what your dad said and not what you think or feel so your going to have to give us a little more to work with than that

Well as I said before I come from some bloodline of luna(the truth of that is unknown to me) as to what I feel idk. On my 18th birthday I woke up in the middle of the night feeling like I was on fire. I was in so much pain that I went to my car to drive to the er. While going to my car I started feeling better the burning went away. The light from the moor cooled me from the inside. I felt like I was absorbing the light of the moons and it made me feel stronger. It wasn't but 2 months later that I felt the burning come again. Like last time I went outside felt the moons light. But this time It wasn't helping I burned everywhere. That was the first time I changed. I found that if I absorb a lot of moon light I change. But I been trying to control the change with no success yet but I'm close. I just want to be able to surprise it and not have to live in fear of my friends finding out.

Does it ever burn for u?

I had a burning sensation like that once, but I didn't relate it to shifting. I read something that I wasn't quuuuite ready to hear and I felt completely on fire. I felt a little nauseous too. I wasn't able to go outside tho. I laid down until it passed because it almost felt like I had taken multiple shots of VERY strong liqor and had a pretty bad sunburn all at once

This feels like I'm on fire(maybe less harsh)and like I'm going to explode. Like pressure pushing my muscles in every direction.

Yes we should talk. Pm me

She is an aspect of thw triple goddess. Sometimes I do work in her name but rarely and I do not owe her fealty

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