Moon Walkers

i know there is alot of doubt out there of what is real or not. I can tell you I have never seen one with my own eyes but i know legends if you do your search this like i did stories of werewolfs came from all over the world a diffrent times some before others some before the time where they can communicate its just like vampires are they like the books no they are people they can reach the level of the soul that no one else can reach or mermaids if you have seen the discovery channel special on it you will see proof of there exsitance.
NO alot of people lie but can they be real.. yes anything is possible respect people and love thoes around you speak of love and peace and those without love we can influence .

I am not a werewolf but i am in love with all of them and for all the people who think we are all quacks i feel sorry for them they cant feel the love of the moon
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The problem, Mickey, is that you don't need the legends. Before there were movies, there were stories - that's what they were - stories people use to entertain themselves around the campfire (actually, some of them were political commentary and allegorical stories about clans and tribes and families and countries - but still fiction). There was plenty written by and in first person about Werewolves. You're not going to find those in Summers or Baring-Gould or Steiger or Copperton because they just scraped the surface, gathered the same old tired trash together and never put forth the effort to find reliable accounts - but they are there.

you say you are IN LOVE with all of them????


i used to be too,

when i was still blinded by the supernatural is all cool, butterflies, moonshine and roses............

until i found out how much BULLLSHITTT goes on in supernatural and/or otherkin communities,....

yeah wicked awakening,

but i am glad to see them for what they really are now,

how else would i ever have learned to think for myself?!

Love, talk about myths and legends.

I do believe they are real Cus I saw one very closed and it ran away I was scared but lots of stuff came to my mind? until this day I wander wat he wanted?

yea true

Good post