Can I Have Your Attention...?

do you actually believe that you are werewolves-vampires-etc? or is it just role playing?
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No, we are MOSTLY real, but the others are role players or haters.

The only thing I dont get is that there seems to be pretty much only wolf type people, no combination of any other animal. It's plausible, I mean the spiritual part. I am not convinced of shape shifting.

I didn't choose the Dragonborn life, the dragonborn life chose me.

ummmm ok?

i dont do that crap role playing im not a werewolf or anything like that yet and im not sure if im a vampire quite yet im not saying im not im not saying i am because why claim your something that your not

some are fakes..majority are real and this is our life. most of the times we make forums like this and dont put it out to the public simply because of people like the wolfvampkiller guy last night its annoying and we just want to be peaceful with one another.

Idk if I'd call your approach last night exactly peaceful ;)

lol. hence why i said thats what i "want" doesnt always end up that way : ) lol i wish it would have though.

Just keep a level head, don't let them get to you so easily lol. Everyone loses it on occasion.

im tryin im tryin. the vamp side of me really doesnt help! AHHHH lol

Hmmm, I've never met an angry vampire lol. I don't know very much about them tho

thats bc the vampire that i came in contact with deff wasnt that kind of vampires were used to lol. this def wasnt no ordinary energy drawing or get permission from a blood doner vampire. : ( still wish i had answers to what happened

My neighbors are vampires. I can ask them if you want

that would be splendid : )

Alright I'll message you

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There are SOME role players here. I find them to be rather annoying

Role players are retarded I think that answers yur question