Douche Bag Race

since all these non believers have entered our forum i cant even be mad at it anymore lol it actually just makes me laugh at how incredibly stupid they all are. when they say "you watch to many movies" or "are you stupid' you think your actually a werewolf. lol all it people who sit on the internet because no one loves them so to make them selves feel all big and mighty they come to our family. our little forum that we had and talk a bunch of C. O. C. K infested S. H. I. T. and its actually quite amusing. so welcome the douche bag race of humans to our little world where we all fantasize about being wolves and vampires...have at us.... because we smirk at every little stupid story you will post or comment you make. have a wonderful night. i think ill go do some human stuff today and talk S. H. I. T. on their posted stories. : )
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I don't know if this is real or what but I know why I know... I am a real werewolf, from Ossory in Ireland. It's in my blood, and I'm one of the good ones. I live to protect and have traced my family back to Kilkenny which used to be known as Ossory. If you know the stories then you know what I'm saying is true. We are the first, the uncurrupted, and am not born from chaos. I need to know, as I can not turn, what I can do to get stronger and have the ability to turn.

You know after going through all this garbage. I came to a decision. The douche bags can stay. I don't believe I will troll them away.

let um all stay! : )

The reason why is they are doing my job for me. Weeding out the idiots. Running off the weak and ******* off the annoying. Calorie in particular cause you gotta admit. .moh lestahr that **** was epic funny.

They are quite usefull/ even if they are anoying. I have to deal with them everyday until I graduate so I'm kinda use to them already.

they tend to say all that because there is no 'scientific proof'. what do they expect? non-humans don't want people to know what they are! we don't want to get experimented on. for example, my dad says magic is not real when it is very real....... and he says he is open minded........ some people have no respect for non-humans......

I know. As dragonborn I believe experimenting is dangerous.

just the thought of what they would do to us......

what the government?

scientists and government...

They wanted to send me to spain for reasons I don't know... / I just received a paper saying I was qualyfied to go school in spain and everything " transportation" was free... and I was only 15 very suspicous. Now that I think about it... luckly I didn't go I think it was a set up or trap.

they most likely dont have ways of figuring out wheter they are faking or not yet.

that was to azsuranil

I was 15 when I got the paper it didn't say what school it was only that they would pick me up get me on a flight to spain and go to some school they didn't specify.. they only mention that only a few students have this chance and specifed the number one out of three... / kinda werid.

Sorry just took a shower / out of a school only one is chosen.

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Its so frustrating when people post crap saying werewolves aren't real. They keep their mind consumed in what they think is reality rather than opening their mind to the possibilities around us.

I wonder how many werewolf packs there are. I am currently not in a pack, I am getting used to these wonderful page (even with the non believers)


I know seriously! I'm psyched I found this forum.

We all know your being sarcastic XD


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yea your right because people dont have any lifes so they decid to go on the enternet thinking there going to make a BIG difference in there pathetic life. so sorry for all the new people that cant dill with the facts because they dont bother to ask the wright people :)

Thank you for your supportive comment. I truly appreciate it.

When did they add dill to facts? Is it so your words have flavor when your forced to eat them? Wonder how many calories they have.......

lmao count them calories! i like you ^^^^

I agree. People never believe I'm true dragonborn when I really am. Right on my brother.

we all must stay united!! and count our calories together!!!!!

do you breathe fire and stuff!? im dying to know??

I breathe fire and count calories, yes. You are right young wolf meat.


im honored to be wolf meat! please eat me.

With honor my hybrid friend!

Humans are skeptical its in their natuer.... this is why I keep to my self / and don't mention my abilites... though some how. I have become populer without trying to be for reasons I don't know... since I just tend to be my self some humans I would agree are annoying but some of them are quite loyal and trustworthy.

Thank you my wolf.

No problem draco...

Its dragonborn actually.

Ok... / quite bored belive it or not and well I wouldn't safe wolf just yet I'm still waiting actualy. Though my other abilites are a bit strange sense they work at any distance I still don't know how to fully use them / though I don't feel pain and I'm able to take away physical pain from others...

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