I Am A Witch

I work with black magic its not bad its actually good and no u cant pick up a wand and be all oh yeahdie die die leavetation no no no. U have to be born i was and i see u asking for spells for werewolfs or to be bitten my greatgreat grandfather long time ago wel he teacnikly wasnt he had a forbiden love with a with they had baby and so their baby was a witch werewolf. So longs story short I am a witch (whatever u wana callit) and my sis is a werewolf.THERE IS NO SPELL THAT CAN CURE I HAVE RRIED IT DEFINES THE LAAW MY SISTER LIVES THE PUNISHMENT OF THE FORBIDDEN LOVE, THERE IS NO SPEELTHAT CHANGE U NONE A WE WOULD NEVER GIVE U A CURSE AND U NON BELIVERS SHUT THE **** UP IT SAYS DONT JOIN TOTELL THEMITS NOT TRUE? U WANA THINK I AM LYING COME TO MY HOUSE AND TELL ME IF ITS NORMMAL!!
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As dragonborn, I naturally have many magical powers. More than any mere witch or wolf.

ok one BLACK magic good? and two what the hell do you mean cure?!

I assure you there is no actual 'spelling' going on anywhere in that post.

I would agree with that state ment.