To All In This Group

I am greatly disappointed at some of what has occurred within this group. It is not my own, but I stand by the purpose behind it. Hybrid25, you were wise to appoligize for your actions. They were incredibly foolish. Threats on another's life, regardless of how ignorant they may be, are unacceptable. I hope you understand that now. To all others, I will say that this group is just as it clearly states a place for werewolves as well as anyone interested in the subject. This means actual werewolves, not role play or fantasy. I could talk for hours over my many scientific papers that counter all arguments that such creatures do not exist. There is even a paradox that renders such arguments virtually useless.

I will state right here and right now that I represent the kind of werewolves willingly and proudly. I support the improving of knowledge of others, even those who are violently opposed to the concept of werewolves or other non-humans. If anyone wishes to throw around hollow threats that cover up personal insecurities or present un-backed opinions as pure fact, then they may take themselves elsewhere. This is not the place for childishness and stupidity unless it appears seeking improvement. I make this as a general message to all. If your goal is to insult or shout out beliefs and claim you "know" about the subject, you will hear from me. I have no tolerance for arrogance and unjustified harm to others. Consider my words before commenting here or posting anywhere on EP.
Drachona Drachona
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yes my something im working on. i knew it was wrong but couldn't control it.

There will never be control until you seek it. In this time of hiding, repression has led to a great deal of problems for people who are "different". Many experience that anger, strong enough at times to frighten even ourselves, but you will never have dominance over that anger until you learn how to express it constructively. Otherwise, you risk creating unnecessary enemies and conflicts all because of an internal insecurity. I know what that it like, and I have worked at it. I am far from perfect, but I am much better than I was even only a few years ago. If you put effort into it, you can say the same thing a few years from now.

Thank you all for your comments. I just felt it necessary to address some of the foolishness I saw here. I suppose it happens more than I know, but I never saw it so clearly. The lack of hostility in this story, however, seems to be a good sign of improvement.

You are a amazing person! No sarcasm if that was your though. This is not hate.

about time someone said it good for you mate

Please release the scientific proof anonymously so you are not compromised by the government. That would be fantastic. Then we could separate the people trolling and the genuine folks here. As dragonborn, I believe it would help the group.

In truth, there is no anonymity on a public website. However, I haven't exactly been secretive about what I am. There are actually a few works I posted here on EP, one of which is called the Debunking Paradox. Perhaps I should start a group for such a purpose. What information I have could not fit in one story.

Bout time one of you showed up.

A round of applause for u *claps*

inspiring is one word for this story. I'll have to read it a second time...