Ok, so I don't really know what to believe in when it comes to stories and movies about werewolves. Like some, ok most, books I've read about lycans talk about mates and being able to talk to the wolf inside you. Is this true? And also, I was wondering about the form you become when you "shift" some movies or shows make them look mutated, but others show them as actual wolves just slightly larger and with that "human smarts" visible in the eyes. Some things say you can control when you shift others say it's only on full moons. And I think this might be the last thing I need cleared up, is there any specific "normal" age when you shift for the first time? With all of those questions out of the way... I'd like to know if there was some way to become a werewolf or how I can find out if I have any werewolf in me. Part of me says I'm crazy for thinking there could be such a possibility but another part says that it is likely that I have some wolf in my genes..
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I haven't physically shifted nor spoken to the wolf inside me, but i can feel it. Its hard to explain but sometimes it takes over (i get angry really easy) I have mentally shifted a few times and i feel i partly lose my real self, not feeling fully in control. And dont doubt yourself :) Alot of people have pushed aside possibilities such as this. But anything is possible if you believe. Sorry I can't answer much I still have much to learn :)

thank you!

i feel it to but it usually happens after 17 or at 17 idk its weird