A Heart Filled Tear

pair bonding is ultimate in risk an reward so it shouldn't be taken lightly, lust is warm and giddy while love unshared but while love's a trial bonding is purity.
No youth could no this so don't attempt it because even wisdom of age is denied.
These true alignments leave weakness and power as one an none, they become a life of its on holiness to which only two made one are in titled.
A sanctuary purely shared to which you do not wish escape, there is are bonding that no haphazard should attempt in envy of others gain thru the bond.
These are the tear off beauty so often shared beyond death an so above honor of any kind.

At 83 he dead not having seen her for months even if her mind no longer remembered him her heart did an three months later at 80 we placed them together for ever in there tome.
I knew them well my adopted grandparents and can say it was an honor to witness there last rights to honor there bonding.

He once said I was foolish for avoiding love an never did deny that....
lordvolkhark lordvolkhark
26-30, M
Jan 15, 2013