I doubt this very much. But each to his own.

What proof is there for Werewolfs? and how would I become one if I wanted to be one?, or meet one?
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Werewolves are everywhere, and trust me when I say this, don't make yourself believe in them, either you do or don't.

"1. Werewolves do not exist, except as a delusion (analogous to the m-shift). There is not one single humanoid being on this planet who can change his shape in ANY manner similiar to the legends of lycanthropy. There is absolutely NO concrete evidence at all of any such creature, and there is exhaustive scientific and medical facts as to why they do not exist, and could never exist:

2. There are no “potions” or “edibles” that can change you into anything. I have no doubt that some delusional person is going to tell you to consume wolfsbane, which is aconite, a deadly poison. There are no “bloodlines” – genetic werewolves do not exist.

3. The legendary shapeshifting (new terminology is the pseudo term p-shift) would require a miraculous growth and loss of bone and bone
structure as the skeleton would reshape itself, a rearrangement of internal
organs and associated connective tissue, nervous pathways, and blood vessels -
requiring “movement” of these structure through deep tissue and muscle, a
complete repatterning of the entire DNA code – systemwide – a thickening of the
dermis and a spontaneous growth of fur from hair follicles generated on the
spot, a reallocation of body mass and spontaneous generation of body tissue, and
last but not least, a loss of brain tissue as the brain cavity “shrunk” to the
dimensions of the wolf cranium.

4. When you lose brain tissue, it is like a VHS tape being erased – any data or
associative functions stored there are gone for good – like in a stroke or TIA
(transient ischemic attack). A werewolf able to transform would (if he could)
return to human form suffering from severe retardation, and would be a drooling
idiot at best and a homicidal, animalistic killer at worst.

5. The caloric expenditure necessary to fuel such a transformation is so high it is
impossible – the human body (at its full size) cannot ingest that much food
during one digestive cycle to power such a change. Also, the pain involved would
be so excruciating that the system itself would begin to shut down, and blood
pressure and heart rate would go so sky high that the cardiac muscle would
rupture and the “werewolf” would die from a cardiac hemmorhage.

6. The idea that the state of being a werewolf is somehow transmitted by a bite
suggests a retrovirus, similiar to AIDS, that could rewrite the DNA code of its
host. This “retrovirus” would have to be incredibly strong, and would be
detectable by any form of bloodwork performed on the individual. If, like AIDS,
it would be resistant to all but a lethal cocktail of drugs designed to kill the
virus, then we would also see congenital transmission among children from their
parents. As no hospital is reporting a strange new retrovirus that causes its
victims to change shape, we can therefore assume with a good deal of confidence
that such a retrovirus does not exist.

7. There are no separate races of humanoids on this planet – by now they would have interbred with “regular” humans and we’d all be the same species anyway. The idea that a secret, parallel race exists alongside us, engaging in controlled breeding to “keep the bloodline pure” is delusional in the extreme.

8. The concept of werewolves being shapechanging, or humanoid wolves, is really absurd – wolves are descended from prehistoric canine creatures, the most famous example of which was the dire wolf. Humans are descended from upright, bipedal hominids. Nature (as in natural selection) “engineered” wolves and humans to be two totally different species, with different specializations and physical construction. Sure, there are “shapechanging” animals, such as maggots and caterpillars, but they can only change once, and can never revert to their original form. Such changes occur gradually, over a prolonged period. In order for a humanoid being to change into a wolf – or vice versa – it would require months of physical changes, and the creature would be in far too much pain to move, let alone feed. Soon the requirements of nutrition would slow the transformation down as the creature would no longer have the energy to fuel the change. It would waste away and die from starvation.

9. ANYONE who tells you such things are real is either living in a fantasy, lying through their teeth, or are caught up in a delusion bordering on mental illness. The real danger lies in people who will tell you whatever you want to hear in order to get close enough to hurt you, such as pedophiles, rapists, and murderers – the only real monsters on our planet, and giving out your real location information is just asking for trouble.
10. The word “Lycan” is from the word lycanthrope and lycanthropy, basically meaning a man who turns into a wolf.
Such a creature, if the condition was genetic, would have the DNA of a wolf, and his whole bloodline would be a hominid descended from lupine ancestors instead of primate ancestors.
That means that instead of being a humanoid with an ape-like body, you would be a humanoid with a wolf-like body. That means no opposable thumbs, a tail, crookback hind legs, a skeletal system designed to run on all fours, and color-blindness.
Werewolves and lycans do NOT exist, regardless of who or what tries to tell you that they do. It is absolutely impossible physically and biologically for a man to transform into a wolf or to have wolf DNA. Lupine and primate DNA are NOT compatible."


Copy an paste nice try... that nurse is wrong, I believe.

There is quite a lot of proof about Werewolves, Lycanthrophy, and anything else with Shapeshifters in general. But what I can say majority of it is up to you to decide if you want to believe in these stories and accounts from people hundreds of years ago. Stories like the epic of Gilgamesh when Zeus turned Lykaon into a wolf, Navajo skinwalkers within the Native American beliefs and spirituality, Dog headed Saints within Christianity that include St. Christopher and St. Andrew Cynocephali to name a few. As well as Early Shamanism, Satanic Rituals (That still happen to this day within the Church of Satan) Berserkers (Followers of Odin and prized Warriors, who took on the form of Wolf or Bear in battle)

Witchcraft and Alchemy played a part in medieval times, Potions, "Special clothing, that included human skin or animal hide" Rituals, and Tale of Gorlagon. As of recent sightings, State of Wisconsin still have frequent sightings of werewolves, some parts of in the countryside of Europe still fear werewolves till this day. Now I can keep typing on this subject "Real or fake" But on to the, "Can one become a werewolf?"

The answer is yes, You will see quite a lot of people in this EP group claim it's only "Genetic, can't be bitten" Which is true to some degree. The reason I say that myself is because we're all made of matter and most are aware the mind is a powerful tool. We use our mind to project images of items we want or play out many things in our lives to improve our circumstances or watch negative outcomes play out to possibly avoid that wrong turn. Overall if one meditates over a period of time they can unlock their hidden abilities within them and ultimately become what they view themselves. Werewolf for example.

May it be werewolf or not. Now you're probably wondering whats with the spiritual side of Werewolves, what does that have to do with it? It's easy question to answer if you're an open minded person to vast belief systems. Astral projection plays a big role and EP users call it "Mind-shifting" or M-shift for short. Which is becoming your inner beast in the Astral Plane/Dream world. Whats funny they put age limit on quite a lot of "Werewolf transformations."

"You have to 17-25 to P-Shift" P-shift is short for Physical Shift, not Partial shift if you see others say it is. Reason they claim 17+ well it's body type and your body isn't fully developed so your bones and body structure is put under a lot of stress and can't fully endure a proper physical shift. I can agree, but it varies among differing people, one can already have grown to their full height but have other aspects of them not fully developed like voice, facial hair (males), physique, and mentality. I'm not going to give my 100% agreement and say they're wrong, but some may or may not have experienced their own "Partial Shift" at some point before they finally achieved a full physical shift. Reason being, no one is going to believe a 14 year old kid on EP that he P shift, now if he went into detail of his account and said it was a Partial Shift like, Hands or something, yeah I might. But you never see a kid on here that people believe who's under 17 when they claim it.

As for meeting one, well what I can say is put that thought out there! You never know you might meet one while hiking around night time (I don't know if you would ever do that lol) Some have claimed to have confronted them or even outside their backyard. Kinda freaky lol. Coast to Coast AM had interviews with folks who have seen them, you can find the radio recordings on internet like youtube.

Well I did a lot of typing and if you need any more information I'm here. :)
I claim I'm a werewolf too, but I'm still learning a lot from others. So I don't know everything of course hehe.