What Does It Mean.

Hello all, I have been lurking here for the past few days, reading and studying. It amazes me how many different perspectives and experiences are shared, yet now I have to ask a question. If it shows my ignorance then I ask for your patience, but what does it mean to be a wolf? I am not referring to the physical aspects such as shifting, but more what do you believe wolves were put on this planet to do?
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That there cannot be a world without inhumanity. The best answer I can think of.

Your question is rather complicated when read in a certain manner. The best way I can answer is to tell you my personal answer. I feel that it's similar to humans, each finds their own role or path, but my purpose is to protect the innocent and those I love.
If you look deep enough online you can find why the faoladh were originally created. It is basically the same as my personal purpose