Some say that having a baby is nothing special. They're wrong. Giving birth is always extraordinary. It's a miracle. It's the universe's way of saying that this world should continue. The world tells us that having sex is just part of our lives. Movies, magazines, tv, that all say the same thing. But the world lies to us, okay? Sex is a big responsibility, a responsibility that we're not ready for. Are we ready to have kids? We still are kids. When a teenage girl becomes pregnant, she agonizes about what's the right thing to do. Should she give it up for adoption? Should she become a single mother and go on welfare? Should she go back to school and put the baby in daycare? But then she realizes that it's not what's best for her, it's about what's best for her son/daughter.
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I told lyc my opinion and advice.

I think your on the wrong link. This group isn't about pragnacy, it's about werewolves. Just puting that up there.

true but she is also right

Ya I know but why here? Why not on a group about pregnacy?

i dont know but im sure there are alot of men and women that needed to see this

Yes I understand but I just feel it to be a bit out of place. But there is a point she has for anyone, even if you are a wolf of vampire or any other race.

yes the need to have a child is always there just weaker for some and stronger for some

i should say the want

Yes I agree.

Yeah, my bad didnt realise until now no need to get all pissed off

we arent pissed we were stating that what you posted was true


Same here.

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