My View On Modern Day Werewolves

Well, how is it that such young people could have enough spiritual understanding to make such a conspiratorial statement without concrete evidence? From what I've researched, the general age of transformation is 20-25 years old, and even then it's rare. Biologically speaking, however, I guess the pubescent ages would make more sense as during that stage in life the body is constantly changing. Have you ever undergone or witnessed such a transformation? I believe the horrible skin splitting, bone crunching process would be unbearable! Also, you would have to somehow grow over a hundred new bones, and 10 more teeth in the process. If such an event happened, I believe the werewolf would die within hours due to lack of calcium.

Also, a large male wolf weighs only close to 140 lbs, so are all werewolves short and scrawny? Plus, for men it would be extremely painful, as wolves have a hollow bone inside their penises, which can't be pleasant to grow!

Fur: Im not even going to sit here and talk about how you would all be naked wolves.

In conclusion, I am NOT denying werewolves exist. I simply believe they are either a metaphysical mindset or some kind of coping mechanism for outcasts. Maybe even just a fun alternative to everyday life! :)
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2 Responses Jan 15, 2013

Okay, well sorry, I am female and as a wolf I weigh 250 lbs.

Your wolf must be on an all McDonalds diet. :)

Wolf talk is great but it is the dragons that I know.

Edward or Jacob? Jacob right?