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I am not a werewolf but I do not judge who you are. Only you can define that. I was just wondering what makes one a werewolf? I have researched and learned many characteristics and behavior of werewolves, but that does not mean it is true. Why look it up on the internet and in books if I can ask you guys? It is great to know you are proud of who you are. If ever I watch television and see a werewolf, it is vicious and ashamed of what it is.
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1 Response Jan 15, 2013

some of us are not ashamed of who we are and most of us arent vicious unless we have to be

So you actually turn into a wolf?

some can some cant some cant because they need to learn

What about you?

i dont do it much

****, so sometimes you do? Fully?

i dont like to much

You should record it. Seriously


Because it would be scientifically significant if someone could shape shift

ok im not a smart one so what?

I didn't so you were stupid man. I'm just saying tape that ****, post it anonymously and show the world

ok thats not smart

Why? Because you can't?

i can

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