How To Control Your Need For Blood?

O.k first of all i have to say i am a vampire old 29 years so i'm young vampire... If you are real vampire I would realy need your advice on this question. So let me just say this to you when I was bitten ( you don't have to bitten to be turned into vamp) I was 14 years old and snice that i am getting realy lonley cause wat is a human without any blood... So this is how things are today in my class ( i have to change school every time i finish school year...) my "friend" cut his finger and blood was goin all over my desk and i just lost control and Drank all of the blood from the desk and bitten off his finger and sucked realy big dose of blood from it.... so help me with this i could get in realy big problems So vampires HELP!!!!
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2 Responses Jan 16, 2013

I hope that didn't really happen as that is dangerous and unhealthy

well um idk if im a real vampire or not but why say im something that im not. i know theres plenty of ways either cooking meadium rare steaks or finding a doner, or theres plenty of websites that can give you free blood (they thinks its for play) so theres a few ways anyways