Ok, So to start this off, i'm not a werewolf, I'm a vampire in a group of both vampires and werewolves. I am not the leader, simply the enforcer, Sadly I'm sure there will be quite a few individuals out there who think it won't work or is a stupid idea, however it's working rather well. Our leader is a hybrid who alot of people on here seem to not like at all, but regardless of that, he is still a great leader. Not saying I always agree with how he goes about things, but to each their own I guess. Either way, I have my own opinions and own way of dealing with problems so please don't just assume that I'm a jerk before giving me a chance. Hoping to be able to get along with at-least a few people on here.
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yea that makes me wonder if everyone on here is just really pulling my chain

Tsk tsk caught with a fake profile. *shakes head


oooh nvm

No need to get pissy ok? people are jerks sometimes.

Thanks, Chris. Great post. I like twilight, too.

This is a werewolf role playing blog. No vamps plox

You must be one of hybrid fighters ppl

Actually im one of the few friends he has here.

Lol im not well liked either but I am popular. I have my own personal trolls :)

Oh i know all about that too. I was actually one of his first friends. We had our squabble but its over. I appreciate his dominant nature but he needs to get a better grip on emotion. Unfortunately hes stubborn and cocky so you cant really tell him anything :/

Me ;). He and I have a lot in common minus the temper problem. I believe you can be the strongest person in the world but if you lack self control and composure it means nothing.

Because he has yet to be checked. Im a cagefighter/boxer, former law enforcement, fire arm proficient, and I have been alpha of the same pack for over 5 years. Very good at finding people, very good at disappearing. I go by angel and my name is a bane to many here. Im very traditional about being wolf and the runts don't like it.

Oh and its an actual pack not an internet pack.


Aggression is not a good way to lead though. Counter productive to gaining loyalty.

calories we've told you about a 100 Times we are not role-playing...

I don't think it would get THAT bad... if it does your bound to have the public take notice of that.

Thats enough. Bad judgement yes but hybrid isnt that stupid and he is not an unstoppable force. Like I said strength is nothing without control.

Understandable, but where is his pack anyways?

Pretty far away from where I live... lol

Pennsylvania actually. And keep in mind pack for us is stronger than family. Thats why they tend to come first. Its the bond.

Well that is a lot closer where I live, and that's true your pack comes first. Even though I've never been in a pack.

Where do you live?

still far away but I live in Va.

Yeah bro I hope things don't get crazy. Twilight is hard core! Watch out "vampire" brother

Now your just annoying lol

Bro this is real. Vampires are real and we really do sparkle. I'm an enforcer. Back off yo



Oh come on. Hybrid isn't a bad guy. He's pretty cool and fun to talk to when he's in the mood to talk lol

Didnt say he was bad

I wasn't talking about you Angel.
Just stating an opiniopn that he isn't a bad guy. Yes, he has his moments and he does enjoy harassing the young ones lol but that doesn't mean he's a bad leader.

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