Caloriecountingiskey Please Stop

I'm not trying to start drama, but I would like it if we all got along, and calorie is ruining it. He is being very rude in a sarcastic way, and is making stupid jokes on people. I've been seeing it on about every story and he is pretty mean to the people he makes fun of.
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Oh please, please don't make me make another account! That takes almost 1 whole minute! You need to get over this. A lying douche deleted his account. Boo hoo. You're making it worse by giving me attention.

1. he deleted his account because you are a lying **** that sits around and makes fun of people on a nice page. 2. If I see you making fun of anyone else on this page (Unless they want to be made fun of) I will see to it that you can't make another account on here again.

Oh please mister, no!!!! please i'll do anything! just dont delete my account! LOL

oh now your a little boy? acting immature I see. So you don't mind if I tell hybrid fighter that it was you? it seems like packs are like family, and watch out for each other. I don't think he'll take kindly to you being an was.

excuse me I mean *** not was.

I'll tell him myself on his latest story. nice try though, boy scout

A boy scout nice job on that insult. it was just terrifying...

Cool story bro

You say lol alot don't you? you must need an English dictionary.

Cool story? well I suppose it is sense it depicts you being an ***.

Nice, really interesting. Thanks for sharing

Do I make you nervous? is that all you can say is "Cool story" and "lol" well I have proven my point I am done here. Please stop being rude to people, I ask nicely and only once.

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Why not just flag em?

Haven't read up on what you can and can't say but it could work.

Yeah, you could just flag him for harassment or something like that.

Correct you could.. though I bet they would do something if all of us say something about this guy just to get are point across...

yep and he was pretty rude to fanged enforcer.

Apparently so was someone else. You saw his story, yeah?

Yea and if every person here judged people like that, then you would see this all the time. There needs to be order or there Will be chaos lurking around a corner.

Yeah, we seem to all be turning on each other because of these role-players. Online, we can barely tell the two apart :/

I force the only order we ever had and thats sad. Im usually the source of arguments

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