Another Day Another Lonesome Wolf

I quit hiding who I was, and let the darkness consume me. I left behind friends , I left behind loved ones. I feel the white and the light I feel the anger and the anguish. I dont look for sympathy, I've lost my urge to find out what I am, my rage is a weapon. My thoughts seem to come to life, crazy as I feel I can't help but to dream of roaming free. I write my own story with a middle finger salute pressing forward. I hate what I am. I can't tell a soul. I wish I wasn't native I wish this god damn curse was lifted. I run and run but can't fight the urge I have visions of a purge. Long ago passed. I am a lone shift. Not knowing where to turn not knowing what I do and what it is I truly burn. My dreams tell me I am to roam and desolate. My heart tells me to create But my society holds me at bay. create and im at a lost for words to say. So brothers if any are here take me in I wish not to play the say game. I do not claim wolven blood I do not claim yaldenoushi but still they fallow me. Please tell me what it is this can be. I feel neither human or beast but a combination of each. It comes to me in the night. Uncontrollable since birth. And the answers I wish to unearth..... Thank you
anotherlonsomewolf anotherlonsomewolf
18-21, M
1 Response Jan 17, 2013

You are something, maybe or you are human with something like demensha, pardon my spelling.