Thank You For All Of Your Support Group! Yes, I Will Be Your Alpha.

I accept the groups invitation to be alpha. There have been so many posts about me, I am clearly the most popular. Now we can be super hybrid werewolves together!!!!!

I love you all too. Peace and love.

Your alpha.
Caloriecountingiskey Caloriecountingiskey
5 Responses Jan 17, 2013

Wow... You really need to get a life 0_o

Remind me to ***** slap your parents around the ****** village that you live in for even deciding to keep you.

Thanks for your support!

do you believe in witchcraft!? cause if you do there will be a spell placed on you were your mom and dad will die of massive heart attacks right in front of you. lmao! i think that pretty funny and then all the wolves you picked on may eventualy find you and eat you mrs. dragon breath.

oHHHHH nooooo pleeeassseeee nooooooooo!!!!! uber internet gangster!!

Please noone, I know you want my naked body but please stop posting about it on here.

Thank you for kneeling to me, noone1231. I will be a good master.