I Have Returned

ive returned! i want to know more about the werewolf race. my apologies again for a couple days ago! ive been made to a believer!
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im not, im very serious, after what hybrid25 did to me, i really have opened my mind up a lot more. i believe a lot of you guys on here who claim to be what you are aren't joking. i just want to know more. the origins because reading up on the internet wont do you guys justice, its from the people who actually live that lifestyle everyday, i really am sincerely sorry for the stupid things i said to all of you.

sorry, vampkiller? fat chance of that working out

Kill him plz

And u probably want to know more so u know their weaknesses so guess again

This is a vampire I am friends with moongazer15 and I think ur full of **** and how about try and kill me mother ****** ur full of **** about being made a believer get off this site *******

idk if im buying it

Im 37 yeARS old. Im more than old enough to kno that song. Goof

Cool story.




Yes, puff the magic dragon!!!!!!!! :D

Im surprised either of you are old enough to remember that.

My old music teacher in elementary school would play that to us every Friday! Man I miss that

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