My Imprint

THe howl can be herd in the night as the snow falls
Your howl can run through me and enter the my soul
your a wolf who's heart is as pure as the grain
Your howl shall show no mercy as it sends me chills and steels my heart
You are the howl of the night.
Your howl keeps my spirit strong
i will not be weak ,as the wind carries your howl farther
You my love are the howl of the night

********No i do not actually have a imprint but im just a werewolf lover of all wolves i know many! and they are were my heart lays so to all you amazing people know you will always have my love and i am here for anything i can give you guys. I have done alot of research and have alot of information from diffrent legends different historic facts !!! so please if anyone just wants more poems info or anything please please please send me a message*****
Mickey241545 Mickey241545
1 Response Jan 18, 2013

This poem is posted on the banner above the orders meeting hall. God I love it.