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I've been on this site for a few weeks and what I see amazes me. I see fakes who don't know crap, pups who ask many questions, nonbelievers who question us and our existence and MANY making threats and accusations. Now I'm just a pup and this might not be my place to say this, but we need to stop the madness! When I found this site, I thought it would be a place for pups can find more about themselves and the older wolves will give their knowledge an help. But instead, I see fights, threats and shouting matches. To everyone here, I don't care what u are. If you are here to help, good for u. Help those with questions and who need help. If you aren't here to help, leave. U aren't doing anyone any good at all.
.... Sorry I kinda rambled on but I felt I had I say something.
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may i add that there's nothing wrong with asking questions? we all start asking questions, as do we finish.

Oh nothing I left out the word "idiotic". I was referring to the unneeded questions sometimes asked by all the trolls that prowl here

Thank you so much for that and I hope your feeling better.

I couldn't agree more.

I'm new to the site and I'm already sick of the trolls. :P

Thank you! ^_^

Well, I'm newer to this site than you are, but personally I enjoy the wide variety of stories,
comments, and questions. If someone offended you I'm sorry, but you should just let that
go. Just like anywhere else in life you have to take the good with the bad. (Or ignore the
bad or do something about it if you can!) If you would like to talk about something I'm here,
hopefully I won't disappoint, if I do ignore me! SeanPat

Not to be rude and step on your beliefs, but enlighten me on how you are classified as a werewolf in the first place? Is there something that just ticks inside your head that tells you that you are, or is it some primordial instinct?

yea its true because some people like to sit behind there computer and try so hard to troll people and try so hard to be notic but its not working. so yes i know how you feel i just joined last week and i came here to learn the true about werewolfs and such, not the bullshit lies thats on movies and books

that is completely true

This isn't madness...THIS IS...SPARTA!!!! Jk jk, thank you for your post and I agree. I came here to help originally, but due to extreme disrespect and down right ridiculousness, I'm hesitant to help. There are a few good ones in the bunch, but at times they get lost in the fray due to the nonsense of others. I've resorted to being my cynical and sarcastic self and it's seems to weed out the unwanted behavior. If someone is willing to learn in a respectful manner, then I do what I can

hey i aint that bad Oo


well then

I realize I have gotten lost in that bunch. But I hate it when people come on here and are downright rude because they don't believe in werewolves.

yea that is annoying

Chriin, that was a playful hmph. I'm at work so it takes a bit to reply

As for people being rude, ignore it. You will meet people your whole life that view things differently than you. Don't take it personally

No posting on the job! :p

Lol I do what I want :)

atleast somone has some sense


Lol, that is hilarious, but I do agree with what you are saying.


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Kneel to me!! Mwhahahahah

No but thanks for the offer


You'll get over it.