Look being a werewolf is in your genes. I swear if I hear ONE more story of how another one of you stupid humans want to become a wolf I will rip your heads off! The gene is just there. Deal with it! It's the same with my kind(wolf therians) the only thing that's different(that I know of)is that my kind have a wolves soul. But we both have the genes. If you're not born with the gene,you're a human!!! Get it through your heads humans!
Goldpaw Goldpaw
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Too late someone just wrote another story -_- it gets on my nerves too

Then their head is flying off their shoulders!

That's too easy! You hold then down and ill throw the gasoline on that then you throw the match and ill drop the piano

Hmmm. That's a lot better.

I know make him drink antifreeze first!

Isnt that considered torture? count me in!


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It is so annoying when people ask if they are spells to become one or they say they are on when they are plain humans... wannabes are so annoying. by the way, any good advice for me about our kind? (wolf therian)

Exactly! This is what I'm trying to tell them! Advice I can give depends on what you want to know. For example,shifting. Or something else of our kind.

anything about them rlly. im still learning...

Okay. Shifting takes place like a werewolf. The genes are activated to change the fabric(skin,bone,muscle etc.) of your body thus changing it into a wolves. Wolf therians are people with the soul of a wolf.

how do we shift anyways?

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