Little Wofey Gonna Cry

Here's the deal, you tell me were i can find that half werewolf/half lycan guy and I wont kill this pritty white wolf
Rydershooter Rydershooter
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well, I'm have thought something, isn't he just making fun of us? I mean, read the title "Little Wolfey Gonna Cry" I think he's just making up a joke to see how we reacts, he's laughing at our angry comments, I bet he doesn't has ever seen a wolf in his entire lif, except in zoos of course, but still, we can be angry, because SOME STUPID HUMANS ARE MINDLESS AND SICK IN THEIR HEAD, TO MAKE UP THIS KIND OF STORIES, LIKE THIS BASTARD, I STILL WANT TO KILL HIM!

HOW DARE YOU THREATEN TO KILL A WOLF!!!! YOU ******* ******* ******* ******* BASTARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I REALLY WANT TO KILL YOU!!!!!

Lmfao. are you talking about me buddy, wana be abercrombie model? coool posing in your little picture? hahahaha, are you the one who wants his pretty little head ripped off his body?

Go **** yourself! Human ****!

GO GOLDPAW! u pitiful human go crawl in a hole and die

XD Nah,I'd rather kill him myself.

pls do

ILL HOLD THAT BASTARD DOWN!!!!!! HOW DARE HE THREATEN TO KILL A WOLF!!!!!!! HOLD ON *grabs ak-47s, i take one and give one to gold* SHHHHHH BE VEWY QUIET IM GOING WETARD HUNTING!!!!!!!!!!,

No Kidding! Let's go! *Has rifle in hand* *Creeps up on ryder* Now Mountain?

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first of all (rydershooter) its like me saying you tell me were you live and i wont kill you in your sleep

This guy is a fool as far as I can tell he's not worth the time and he needs to get a life instead of makeing meaning less threats.

Hmm should I bother? Or shall I continue to watch you all squabble like school children when the teacher steps out....

If you want. I'll do whatever you say masssa


This is probably fangenforcer lol

lol fail rager fails

pritty? whats that? and what are you even talking about anyways?

and he still cant spell

he needs a brain Oo

oooooooo wizard of oz XD

yay! am not completely weird then

weird aint the word for it

oooooooooooo i know what he is!!! :D



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Interesting. Don't know who you're talking about, but have fun with trying to do...whatever it is you're trying to do :/


Aww thats cute.

Thus I am still confused. Who would you like to kill?