For All You Vampire Haters

I understand that there are no many of you, which I am grateful for, however this is for the wolves that say vampires are evil. Imagine the hungrier you have ever been in all your life then multiply it by 500. Now imagine you were only that hungry for one specific kind of food. Let's say pretzels for the sake of explanation. Now after that imagine you being forced to live in a world completely filled with pretzels, awesome right? you can eat to your heart's desire.One problem though, you can't. It's wrong, and generally looked down upon by the public. imagine that and that's probably the closest a wolf will get to understanding. Sorry for the terrible explanation. Sure we mess up sometimes, some more than others, but so do werewolves! So do humans by that logic! We all mess up, myself included. I messed up yesterday after five years. But we're not all bad.
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I have never talked to a vampire and I know there is no war between us so I have no issue with your kind. And I agree, you know your dinner is right next to you but you simply cant eat it.

Yeah, definitely agreeable. I probably spelt most of these words wrong.

I don't have problems with vampires but don't compare me to a human.

we all do bad things

i know that but humans aren't anything like wolves. Some can't help it if they do bad or make a mistake, humans actually choose their decisions.

If you were smart and not so ignorant you'd know that the inner animal has a state of mind as well as the human part. Your not even a wolf so why get involved into something you have no business in.

This isn't your ground though therefor I stand up for my ground where I belong, I appreciate your so called involvement in us wolves but I don't have to respect you if anything you owe respect to me or atleast should.

we all make mistakes, some of them worse than others I'll admit, but we make similar ones too sometimes

No morph I'm not having human feelings or emotions right now, and I didn't say that you owe me respect because of that I said you should respect me because you want us to accept you and I'm not going to take an offer from whom I don't trust. I may be a pup but I'm not stupid.

Thats ironic morph sincenkot too long ago you were claiming all fae are evil

I am not a wolf, I am a vampire, but, I have fallen for a wolf who accepts everything about me. I have never nor plan on harming a human, that's what blood banks are for. I hope that is not a cause to strike at me. I agree that not everyone is evil and that includes fae wolves too, Angel.

well sorry for not living near a blood bank

Thanks strive.

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There were stories made after vlad the impaler dipped his bread in the blood of his victims. That is all. They were stories. Not even legends. In this day in age, if they even were real, every vampire would have AIDs

some of us (wolves) can be idiots. some of them are easy to provoke and it is quite funny though, but i know a vampire and you guys are really not bad. not saying that here arent bad ones, but not all of them are bad.

my best friend is a werewolf, of course there are bad vampires, but there are bad werewolves and humans too

yep so all those discriminating, should look to themselves first. :)

Precisely, although reactions to our mistakes are a bit different than reactions to humans mistakes

true.....some wolves are pretty annoying......

For example
Human kills someone: they must be ccrazy put them in a psycho ward
Vampires kills someone: CALL THE ANGRY MOB

yep. people can be idiots. vampires and humans may not be the same, but they should be treated like any other.

I'll admit our mistakes are a bit, well, worse but still

true, but wolves also can make some pretty bad mistakes as well. so can humans, but not as bad as non-humans.

I can't believe some people beg for this to happen to them

it doesn't make sense because it can be dangerous and you have to deal with all the haters out there.

Can be? it's always dangerous

That's for sure. Do you believe what TheRealRiversong is saying?

what is she saying

and I love her name btw

thanks, hold on s sec

it's from Doctor Who, it's a tv show, she's describing a character

one of the best tv shows ever btw

never watched it. my favorite tv show i watch is The mentalist so i usually watch that.

it's a British show and I got to go

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if vampires are evil then humens are evil as well if that makes any sense to everyone

Whenever a human makes a mistake: Oh give them a break they're only human
Whenever we make a mistake: Christ kill them!