The Truth

I am no lycan or werewolf, vampire, immortal, shapeshifter, or anything else along those lines.
I am a creature whose existance even the eldest lycans, werewolves, vampires, and shifters doubt. I am not only one of the last of my race but I am the first of my race.
And I am posting this here for it to be seen by elders and pups alike- by the old vampires and the newly blooded; by the humans and the slayers; by the true and the false.
I have spoken with Solomon, Shakespeare, Ceaser, Nefertiti, Nero, Galileo, Marilyn Monroe, and Elvis. I have traveled with Evangeline Wolfe and fought with Vlad Dracul.
I have shaken hands with the werewolf king and shared a laugh with the Devil.
I have knocked God to his knees.
I have drank with Death and run with Changelings.
I am a Time Lord.
I am The Doctor's Wife.
I am the head of time Council of Time.
I am the Creator of Time.
I am the real Riversong.
What I have to say is more important than any petty squabble.
Soon, the humans will fight- a new war, raging in America. There's a human corporation behind it. They're trying to use it to attack and capture the non-humans.
This is a call to arms. It's an urging for all of you to grabs knives, guns- to ready both claws and fangs- to put aside squabbles and fights and to stand at the ready.
Time is running short and soon all of us will have a choice to make.
Do we fight or do we flee?
In Ceaser's words, "We do not fight for honor nor do we fight for freedom. We fight to be heard. We fight to send out the message that all who stand against us fall. We fight for our safety- for the safety of our children and our fellows and our families and should we fail to lift our shield and sword to victory, then we fail to defend what we love."

Edit- I thank you all, for support and for doubt. Thank you, for offering your time and spending your time commenting here. Thank you for liking and disliking, believing and disbelieving.
Thank you for all of the comments, all of the things that kept this easily reachable and very noticeable- and, above all, thank you for unknowingly helping me reach my goal.
I'll have no further questions. The few friends I've made, I will be in touch with- but as of now, I have no reason to prove myself, no reason to coax nonbelievers into believing.
Goodbye, Lovelies.
Kiss kiss
TheRealRiversong TheRealRiversong
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Oh yes you are so special, shall we bow dear Lord? Is this your will? Should you bend your rear over for all to kiss? , ...😑... stupid doesn't even begin describing what I want to say...

How dare u say u knocked God on his feet! real werewolves like are not like this u don't say this to ur creator. let me tell u who we are, we are the hounds of heaven!!!

I agree to your cause and such, I am a wolf demon necromancer witch, but I'm not going to risk it for the sake of my family.

Shaken the hands with the king? I am the king and wolves aren't freaking satanists. I want the peace, freedom and happiness or those who break those are killed. Now you might be dead. You can't knock God down. Maybe you know who I am. Maybe you're some make up about us. I am WULFE


Don't kid yourself... You are not the"wolf king" there is no such thing... now Maby you are a king that could be a wolf but you are not the wolf king...

Do you happen to watch Doctor Who?

I like this story its good

Looks like our respect for one and other is gone. Who the heck has the right to say whether she is real or not, heck, almost half of you are ******* off to animals having sex with human.

its beautiful...:)dsnt make much sense in works big tym...

hehehehe... you a story writer??

haha hopefully i'll be there.

Wow interesting. This reminds me of the movies about werewolfs!

Well I don't don't know about weird creatures like wolf man, but would I be considered human if I didn't age?

just wondering because I don't age... I do have wolf like traits.
And vampire traits such as can't go in the sun, and must be invited in. No joke.

Well, kbetweens, we can't just blindly accept what she says as being valid - at least I can't. It's something that needs to be examined extensively with questions and investigation. I don't understand what purpose there would be in this war. Why is it going to happen (that is, IF it is going to happen)? - What is it supposed to solve? Or am I naive for thinking that there's always a legitimate cause for war? And what sort of "fictional character" are you, kbetweens? And what constitutes "us"?

I understand the need for proof. I have had the privlage of discussing matters with the author. I am convinced.

And "fictional" character.... Look where you are. Hence the " ".

Us, those that are something other than human....

Oh snap Morph!

Okay. As my friend, okay.

I wasn't insinuating anything by using the title "fictional character," kbetweens. I just want to know what it is that you see yourself as being - whether you are or aren't what you think you are. I simply don't know whether you are or aren't something that I thought was just fiction - that's not something I'm currently capable of knowing. And if you could, I would love for you to tell me how she convinced you.

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Here's a thought, if you don't like what she has to say, don't read it. Stay in your ignorant little bubbles until the day comes when you feel like a douche for being wrong. We are all "fictional characters" to the outside world. All of us. What gives any of you the right to question her validity?

Back the f..k off.

Thank u! Someone here has some sense

Well seriously. Where is the respect? I loathe disrespectful people.

Me too. Get on my last nerve

dude.. lay off the crack lol

Why don't u lay off the insults?

Go die.

brandons just pissed because his heads stuck up his ***........


i meant the other one......sorry my computer is stuck on auto correct which annoys me............A LOT.........sorry if it typed your name........

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Sorry if i offended anyone, im just a little confused as to what "TheRealRiverSong" is trying to say. Are you philosophising about human nature in a slightly obscure way?

I'm not philosophising. I'm stating what I believe and what I saw in the hopes that it might change to some degree.

philosophising IS what you believe, for example many philosophers contradicted each other because of their beliefs. and i wasn't trying to be disrespectful it was a serious question, as i said before i was confused

Maybe you should stop watching too many movies. lol. Pick up a history or science book.

I've done both. :) And I don't watch too many movies. In fact, I hardly watch any movies. But thanks for your time anyway.

Evidently it didn't stick. lol. Must be video games then....or drugs. :)

nether for her ether. sorry to inform you of that

Neither. It's my opinion. Now, if you would be kind enough to quit bashing it and move along, I'd be much obliged.

I am not going to engage in a post war with people who have obviously lost their capability for linear thought. I hope you all get better soon!

Then why is it you keep responding?

I use science to keep me Immortal.

and in the end science leads to always does.........

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<p>mcobsidian belive or dont but dont say thing like time travel is true and if u dont belive preson and dont like say dont leave<br />
a post ok</p>

Thank you

sorry, but I think someone let you out of the hospital a little too early! Also, you're quoting river song who is a fictional character on the BBC series Doctor Who. I apologise if this is some sort of doctor who "fan club" thing.

So? Riversong was an alias of mine at one point (no relation, I'm afraid) so why shouldn't I quote her? I like quoting her- and it's not like her being fiction makes her words any less true. I've brushed with more humans who actually found out who I was than you have, in all likelihood. It stands to reason that I wasn't alone as far as Time Lords go and that eventually, a Time Lord's companion may have writted a book or some such thing. xD
Besides, the fact that time lords appear in a television series doesn't make them any less real. As I've pointed out before, if that was the case werewolves would be more of a laughing stock than time lords!
And nope, sorry. I've never been hospitalized for mental illness although I did see a therapist once. He told me I was sane.

So how can I fight on the side of the OtherKin? I certainly won't fight against them.

Just watch. Be ready. As I said before, I'm not trying to raise an army. I'm just trying to make it that much harder for them to catch us off guard.

I'm not surprised to the least degree. Its in the humans very nature to do something this stupid, and I sure they'll tell lied on TV about us to gain support from humans who won't know any better what their doing. Still how will they know who's a werewolf or vampire or whatever and who's not?

Fourmore things:

1. Are you going to help us?
2. When is this war supposed to take place?
3. It makes sence, their preparing for the war. They just banned automatic assault weapons so we can't whip out ak-47s on any government scientists that pop by our door!
4. What are we supposed to do when the war happens.

I thank you for your time listening to my questions and for any answers you gives, and for writing this story.

The corporation I know of has lab equipment. I'm sure they'll take a few humans, too- they've done that before. God knows there's enough people reported missing every year that are never found to back that one up. I'm also sure the humans they mix up with us won't be released back into the general public- not if they're still trying to keep the general public from knowing what they're doing.
Of course I'm going to help. Fighting against them.... It's what I do. I'm not asking anyone to stand with me or anyone to believe me- just that they give it a thought so they might stand a chance in the end.
Three to five years. I can't get any more specific than that. If I try to pin it down more, I'll be compromising accuracy. The future changes. The war will happen- there's nothing I can do at this point to change that. But when it happens still has a pretty big area. I'm sorry.
What to do? You either fight or flee. It'll depend on how many come after you. I'm sure some of you won't have a choice in the matter. There's no hard and fast answer. Either you dig your feet in and stand against them or you hide somewhere they can't find you, if there is such a place.

How will the war end. Seriously it'd be 7,000,000,000+ to maybe 10,000 if that

We're part of that 7 billion. An there's more of us than you think.

The ending's too far for me to see clearly. There's more than three hundred possibilities for the ending of this war and none of them are more likely than any other one at the moment.
All I can tell you on it is that if enough of us notice and if we're prepared, we can survive and there's a greater chance it won't just be a slaughter.

numbers never matter in war just how u fight

What makes it bad is with the ban on automatic weapons I can't answer the door in a juggernaut holding an ak-47

Juggernaut suit

i agree mountainwolf.......humans are always saying that we're not real because they are too blind to see the truth.......its just the same way how they say "god" is the creator of their race.......the "holy bible" they have in their churches doesn't speak the truth because in reality it was written by one individual human.........if it does speak the truth then i ask the humans this: if you think your bible speaks the truth then were you there to experience any of it??? if you think you were created by this "all powerful god" then were you there to see your race be created??? because its obvious you weren't there to see anything that happened..............and you never will be........wake the **** up and accept the reality of the truth that your kind will never learn to understand anything unless you accept the truth.......

I am a Christian and I believe the bible wa sprit ten by those who were in the presence of Jesus but I'd rather not debate religion

i guess we all have our different opinions and beliefs........i won't argue......because i don't see any reason TO a way you and i both state a fact.......but that very same fact is what makes it indescribable............

Thank you for not arguing and accepting we all have out beliefs,

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It's always the humans who cause havoc. Where we have beats within us, we're far more civilised... And very well told, opened my eyes.

Well earn my respect.

Thank you.

To be expected from humans. I don't need proof as human nature is proof enough.

You speak the truth. In all my travels, I've never met a race so determined to destroy itself.

Yeah they seem to be so keen to extinct themselves between useless wars and ignorance of environmental problems.

its funny because vampires dont have fangs

It's a figure of speech and a very old one. -___-

A time Lord from Doctor who? xD

Dear ******* lord..... Yes, like from Doctor Who. Yes, Time Lords exist. Yes, Tardises exist. No, neither are exactly like that's depicted in the series.
Just like werewolves aren't all like the hundreds of moves and tv shows about werewolves, and vampires are like the hundreds of tvs shows and movies about vampires. Just because time lords only have one tv show about them doesn't make them any less real than werewolves or vampires. So stop laughing. I don't laugh at your race.

Who said I was laughing?

That emote at the end of you text did, dear.

I suppose so but that's a habit of mine.

I apologize for taking offense, then.

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In my opinion, the argument about who's god is better, is pointless. It's all opinion that no two people really share. I'm not gonna sit here and say you are a fake or a liar, because I don't know. I'm not ignorant enough to only believe in some things, such as wolves and vampires, and not other things, in your description of yourself. I do agree that chances are government knows about us. Why wouldn't they. And the fact there is an immanent war, is not new.... It's going to happen. **** is blowing up as we speak. And when that day comes some will run, some will fight.

What I don't get is why this is ruffling so many feathers here.... Just my take on it. If anything this post to me was not so much about the individual who wrote it, but to make us think of what is important and what we are willing to do to protect it.

YES! Thank you! My faith in people is restored, at least partially! My God, I wish I could hug you.

Well, hug accepted. :) I tend to read between the lines rather than just what is written. I am also opened minded so that helps. As for humanity, this world is at a turning point. It will either fail miserably or it will rise up to be greater than it was. I for one will fight for the greater good. I'm a fighter not a runner.

I'm glad someone was able to understand what I meant.
This world has spent several years now trying to head into another dark age- another period of destruction. If you pay attention to history, it goes through stages. There's a period of creation followed by a period of destruction and then another period of creation.
The world the humans have known for a long, long time is ending but eventually something good will come of it. I just hope the non-humans don't end with this period. I've already lost my daughter to these people, however long ago it was. I don't intend to lose my husband, my friends, or any more of my family to them- and I don't intend to sit idly by while they plan to destroy others' families as well.

I do agree that we are being pulled into darkness. There has been an awakening of sorts in many this last year, in what seems to be preparation. I will fight till my death for my life and the lives of those who are not yet hopeless. The physical world is falling apart and giving into what the don't understand to be their destruction. The spiritual world is already fighting this war. Darkness vs. light. It's only a matter of time before these worlds collide. The strong will survive. People like to stay in their ignorant bubble where they perceive it as safe. I would rather be educated and ready... Hence I am the way I am. I will not lay down and take it. I have never been one to do that. The time will come.

kbetweens your a wolf right?

Well, they don't have long before the bubble pops and they're pulled out kicking and screaming.
I'll be fighting too- for as long as I can hold. The problem with me fighting is that they know about me. They're almost assured to come to me as soon as the war starts- particularly now that I've started with this. They'll want me neutralized and out of the way which, at the very least, will buy my friends time to get out of their sights.

Amongst other things. Why so you inquire?


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How can we be so sure u aren't lying? I mean, there have been many fakes and it's hard to know who's real and who isn't. I'm not saying I doubt u but I'm not saying I believe. I just need some proof.

You're an old soul. You've been reincarnated many times and seen a lot.
You have blue eyes and long hair. Straight. Either it's dark or you're sitting somewhere dark. Either way, your hair looks dark brown/blackish. Tan? Spanish? Native American?
Something around that area- at least as far as skin tone.
You're sweet and kind but fierce- I see a fighters' soul in you- and you can feel the truth in your bones even if you need proof to really believe it.
I'm 90% sure I got enough of this right to convince you but I'll probably doubt anyway. On most things concering foresights, there's a margin for error.
As for this possibly not happening..... I would like to tell everyone there's the same margin for error here but after Obama's last speech, the other possibilities for the future rack up to about 0.3% chance.
We have a 0.3% chance that we won't be involved in this war.
I have a 0.01% chance of not being captured or killed or declared a criminal when the war breaks out.
And if any of this I've written about you here is wrong, if all of it is wrong, there's a 98% chance no one else who wanders by here will give this even a passing glance.
So here's to hoping I'm right, at least with some of it.

You mind pm-ing me? I'd like to talk

I would love to talk, too. I'm sorry, but the messaging system on here won't let me pm you. We could take the discussion to email, if you would like- or to another site or messaging system- like google, Skype, Facebook....

Wait I have to pm u first. Hold on

Ha! You sound like my mom. You also sound like a paranoid, miserable person. Focus upon what is beautiful in the world, not what is wrong with it

considering you don't know that persons past or know her personally. So don't you think that your comment was a little uncalled for?

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Sounds like you think of yourself as a God. So sad to crash your party hun,but hun bottom line is your NOT a God. There's ONLY ONE God.

I'm not God- but God isn't what most people think of him as either. He's a very high ranking angel, nothing more, and Time stands outside of either heaven or hell.
When a time lord dies, they don't go to either one.
The Divine does not govern Time.
I am not God. I am not the Devil. I stand outside the reach of either one. I cannot kill them but God himself, as an angel, as a person... Even he must bow to time.

Hun God is the creator of man. He's the bringer of life. Time keeper? Boy hun,I'd say you've lost your wits. He bows to no one. He's our father. He Is God.

Yes, he did but he does have a physical form. Every soul, every /energy/ must have a physical form. The energy passes between forms, yes- which means that God is a title, an energy, and not a man- but also that is must possess a man.
Time Keeper- also a title. The title of the first Time Lord.
And Time Lords were made by a different God- a different Planet.
Time as you know it was made by a different God.
Time Lords stand outside the reaches of your God's power. That energy can not harm me. I can not be damned to hell nor ascended to heaven as long as spiritually and physically, I am a Time Lord- and I assure you, I fulfill both requirements.
So please. Quit saying it's not possible. By claiming something as impossible, you only show ignorance. Nothing, in all of time and space, is ever impossible.