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Why is it that people say hybrids (half vamp half wolf) are fake? I mean, it is possible for a vampire and a wolf to have a child together, making them a hybrid.  So why say they're fake?
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I think you might have some of both genes but you can either P- shift/M- shift or have the bloodlust of a vampire, not both

and if were talking about mating with differant color hair types, what about mating a simple black person and a white person...what happends when it is born!? its malado, half black half white. so a wolf and vampire mating might not be as impossible as everyone tends to think.

And hybrids ARE real, dont care how pissy and how much anyone THINKS they know about them, myself and hybridfighter will stand by that till we die. as i said im not sure if breeding hybrids as babys are possible but as far as ACTUAL HYBRIDS...they def exist. because i am one myself. if you dont believe...frankly i don't give a **** but their real, if you dont take me at my word then whatevaaaaa!

im not quite sure on the hybrids child making thing, im a hybrid myself but still researching on it and dont know a whole lot about it. Hybridfighter has helped me enormously with how to control myself. he is knowledgeable about hybrids.

they are not fake, check out my Alpha.

And who might that be?

Oh I see since your profile is brand new and hes pretty much the only person on friends list


you guys said you wanted more help. so im gonna help

Help? When did I ask for any help? And no there are no hybrids regardless of what any of you say or think. Frankly I am very tired of letting ignorance run rampant around here.

blah blah blah, because you think your all high and mighty...... that's nice. have fun with the little delusion. you are simply upset because your not on the top of the food chain.

Actually that has nothing to do with it. Your just pissy cause someone contradicts you. You know what makes me so damn good at what I do? I speak the truth, I don't make fake accounts, and I have an amazing amount of self control.

you havent done anything... but nice try.

lol i got burned? sorry but it takes alot more than words to even scratch me. nice try though.

oh and lycaon, i know your a parasite who has to feed off what others say and do.... just saying, you can grow balls at any point lmao. someone in your family has too

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Because its not possible. Thats like saying a blond and a brunette has a kid it will havr striped hair. One will take over.

Oh I see. That makes sense now

Its been a long running debate. It popped up about six years ago with the underworld franchise. Its been a frustrating pain in the side that I gave up on.

I see. But is it possible for some traits from their other side to try and break through? Like for someone with dominant wolf blood to have a craving for blood that will subside? Or is it just one gene will be completely suppressed?

I find it unlikely really.

My alpha is one, yes one side is stronger but both traits are still there. Maybe one day one will take over but as of yet neither has.

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