Il Have A Werewolf Son Called Oliver

This may seem pointless to most of you but I just wanted to write this so I can get it out. Iv been having future visions over the past 2 weeks. All of my visions include my future family that il have in roughly 5-8 years time. Il marry a human (not saying name) that doesn't know what I am but il have a son that will carry it with him. Im going to have 3 children, my oldest son George and my youngest child Alice, but the middle child or pup is called Oliver. He will have my gene so he will be different from his brother and sister.

I had a vision today that showed my husband what i am. So we are outside of our house and these 3 strangers are at the end of the drive, they are wearing white lab coats. Im then walk 10metres infront of them with husband and son Oliver behind me, Im not quiet sure why but I get angry and then shift into my wolf infront of them both! This vision was small but that i got that much from it.

This is no joke so i would appreciate nice comments instead of retarded comments. Thank you

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3 Responses Jan 19, 2013

I've had a vision like this before. Only a little different. My mate and I (about 10 years in the future or more) have three children. One two and two twins (maybe a month or so old). I don't know if they'll have the gene or not (even if we both have the wolf gene) but part of me hopes they will, and another part of me hopes they won't.

Your age is 13-15. In 5-8 years you expect children and to be married? Im not judging im just pointing out of how young you are

Ahh. I was thinking of the age if 19ish. But 21-22 sounds more legit

Maybe these visions are actually thoughts

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