Werewolf Side

Well, 2 years ago i relized that i was a werewolf. But the thing is im not sure how to control that side of me... Can anybody help me? Or give advice? Please
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Any other methods?

You need to have a complete hold on your emotions. I am not saying that you have no control over your emotions. Meditating is a technique, yes, but there are a number of methods to calm your mind. Once you calm the mind, you become much more in touch with your wolf. Complete control is extremely difficult, but keeping your wolf side from wrecking everything it sees can be done.

Thank you, I shall try

Any other techneics?

Honestly, different wolves have different needs/requirements from the host. There is no definate way to calm him 100%. These are the methods I learned to calm mine; avoid conflict whenever possible, letting emotions like vengeance or rage into your mind will only tempt the wolf to act on them. Resolve past issues, whether they be with family or friends, anything that puts stress on yourself that you know you can do without. Last, and this one's the one I focus the most on; communicating with the wolf, if you keep to your methods to calm yourself, you will start to feel the instincts, thoughts, and feelings of yourself as the wolf. Once you here them, you can focus directly on what it might be that triggers your violent behavior as a wolf.

I hope this helps you, it helped me when I had problems controlling myself.

That's what I try to do... And it works, I caught a fly out of the air. And a baseball when it was thrown at me from behind me... It was just instinct

That's good, a common attribute of a wolf. The more you focus on connecting to the wolf, the more you will notice these differences between yourself and the humans. It can be hard for some people to fully understand the position they are in, you seem to handle it quite well, from what you've said anyway.

I'm completely fine with it, I don't mind at all

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try meditating, it might help. if not, I hear moshing is a really good way to get out some anger.