I am going to jussst put this out there for all these wolves saying hybrids (half wolf half vamp) isint possible. first off id like to say your all entitled to your opinions but you're wrong. secondly if you say your stating facts then your clearly lying because fact is i am living proof of one along with maybe 1 or 2 others in this forum. people saying is it possible to breed a werewolf and vamp to make a hybrid? let me give a few examples. what happens when a tiger and a lion was breaded together? out came a liger, and if you think im joking look it up! the thing is a monster!!!! traits and characteristics of both, what happens when the first black and white people mated? out came a half black half white baby what we know as a melado. and if your saying "hybrid, well tigers and lions are the same felion species were wolfs and vamps are different species all together" guess what else scientists bread together and it worked? a pug and a cat. and guess what happened out came a half dog and half cat baby. so who ever thinks mating between wolf and vampires wouldn't make a hybrid just step back and think that WHATEVER YOU PEOPLE HEARD MAY NOT BE TO FAR FETCHED. were all here with open minds so lets keep them open my fellow wolfs and vamps. i am of both species and i am officially proud to say it now. at first.. i didn't know what was going on with me. but now i embrace it...use it... control it. you all are entitled to your opinions and to you who firmly think your stating facts then i personally wont down you for thinking what you have been taught but i just want to say...Nothing is as impossible as you all may think. Have a nice day my fellow wolves and vamps.
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Hmm, bullshit the only problem with all this is the fact that vampires are not actually real. Werewolves, yes, I am one but of all records of my ancestors who served kings, lived umong the common, and protected all the weak from harm, not one of my kind has come across vampires, and with all the lore behind them you can bet that we have infact looked into this and found it all to be false.

omg THANK YOU!!!!

and there is a **** ton of people who dont believe werewolves to be real, why? because all there is, is books, movies and myths. there's not a substantial amount of humans who have witnessed werewolves. why? because we can say we keep our selves secret for a reason. maybe the vampires do the same. regardless. like i said your ALL entitled to your OPINIONS.

actually psi vamps are real and that's been proven, there is also vampires who find doners to drink there blood there real as well. like i said, i dont believe in "immortal vampires" but i also will not be closed minded and say that its not possible for them to exist.

Umm... How are vamps not real?? Nearly extinct, yes, but they DO exist. o_0

Sorry, Vampires ARE real.

Deeeeeeead story.

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alright yes they are completely different species and you state they crossed a pug with a cat aye? Its called gene splicing. However unless you were concocted in a test tube your argument is invalid. Ligers and racial cross are still the same animal just with very minor variations. A tiger an a lion are the same thing just with slight variants to depict fur color and minor physical differences. That is what makes them compatible. A cross between two entirely different SPECIES does not occur in nature. Else we would be seeing birdfish and horse raccoons. So yeah you boys can harp all you want but no matter how bad you want the world to bend to what YOU want it to be. Nature just doesn't work that way.

scientists did not splice any genes they simply mated the two. a dog and a cat two different species. they didnt create it, they had s.e.x. it was born. case closed

but regardless of what species have been crossed before. your entitled to your opinions and ill leave it at that

then site your reference hybrid. and morph consider the fact that when werewolves mate with humans the gene becomes recessive. Due to the fact you are crossing the species. It resurfaces once in a blue moon (no pun intended) and dominates over the other. So now you are wanting to take two recessive genes that assimilate and put them in one being. One is going to assimilate the other simply put.

my whole story was a reference. me being alive is a reference, hybridfighter is a refrence. having a dog and a cat have s.e.x and the baby not dieng is a cross species reference. it wasnt scientifically done it was simple nature that you believe does not work that way. im not saying all cross species will work, but in all reality this conversation could go on for hours/weeks/days/years. so you have your views i have mine. no hard feelings.

if that is the case than the cat/dog would have been documented, so site me a reference. Your existence is not valid because until you show up here and show me the evidence of such a claim it is taking your word at face value which no one in their right mind will do.

i guess we can say the same thing for this whole forum then huh?

I can actually site books where my research comes from tyvm. So please show me where you have discovered this catdog

This is a dead story.

honestly it was on the animal planet lol. scientist at ucla discovered it. i never tried reading up on it. but honestly come on. we look at this subject at human point of view. cross species isint possible because it would kill it self off and fight it self. how do you think people view the existence of werewolves in general. " people physically shifting into a wolf would kill someone" but obviously it happens right? according to a crap load of people on here myself included. so many things have happened within history that baffles scientists. were they thought "that could never happen because i have research and facts to prove it cant" you stick to your "facts" and some of us stick to our beliefs. just like religion. scientists have tried and on a lot of occasions proved the existence of god and different bible verses to be completely false including the start of the world. some people believe the facts of the big bang and some still believe god himself created the big bang which lead to the start of the world. totally of topic but its my point im trying to state. : ) but im sure we all appreciate your input.

and after reading that my grammar was horrible, sorry lol.

I will post on this further tomorrow, I work tonight.

lol its ok, i get your point lol. and i understand where your coming from

Hey, read these responses and thought I may be able to clear a few things up, cross species breeding is possible whereas cross genus is not. Which I believe you both touched on with the liger, however there are some deffinate differences between the two on a genetic level which result in it being infetile much like a mule. However, in this case, vampire and werewolf there are no prezygotic or postzygotic barriers that will prevent this for being possible, in terms of corpulatory organs and reproductive cycles te two are very much the same. And just as a last point the location of the genes responsible in either case are not expressed in only one point, but in numerous points whichresult in the differences between the two species, as a result of meiosis the possibility of the two together are rare but not impossible. The only problem I could see affecting the possibility of hybrids is the mothers immune response, however if the immune system is low as is normal during pregnancy the foetus shuldnt abort, so it should be possible.

@azsuranil. oh lol thats funny hahah about the cat and dog. and @cjay- thank you.

I would like to point out though that in the instance of a vamp or wolf they still assimilate. One would overwhelm the other.

Thats true as in most things with numerous alleles and different genetic expressions. A simple exampoe could be height and the way that varies due to multiple alleles, a persons "tall" coding genes may be recessive whilst their "shorter" coding genes may be dominant resulting in a shorter individual, however this will not determine their eye colour, hair colour or anything else. The offspring is a random mix of the parents genetic infomation. As a result the hybrid will express some characteristics of either species, however will not have all the characteristics of both species. Also due to this it is extremely unlikely(not saying it is impossible) for two individuals to share the exact same characteristics in a hybrid situation.

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so sense theres vampire blood in you then you can exchange blood with some one right