She's Driving Me Crazy

Best friend did her first p- shift and she's a little tiny bit completely going insane. It scared her. She first got scared when I told her that she might be able to take me in fight when we were joking around. (I'm a vampire)

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......Indeed perfectly normal for the species of humans.

LOL gone a bit insane I feel so sorry for you

........ I think she's scaring herself, seeking reason to fear something or someone that does not need any fearing. How daft?!

thats normal

.....Irrational fear is normal? Could be true in a worldly sense...where the ego feels under attack, seeking reasons to fear does not make you fearless, it only makes you look more fearful.

.......The ego makes cowards out of people!

yes but the fear and frustration is normal for a first change

lol she'll probably rip your D*I*C*K off and use it as a chew toy after she shoves it up your A*S*S


well considering I'm female that's highly unlikely

.....You can still get fuccccked in the arse if you are female.

Yeah but it specifically said my *ehem* uhh, thing, an me being female that's highly unlikely


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........What a furrrk is a p-shift?
A pussssy shift?
She a transgender in transitioning?
She gonna beat you with her new diccck!

A p-shift is a physical shift into an animal like with therians and lycans

Wow dude xp

Sure you did