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Hey everyone, I've been looking around here for a few weeks now on and off and more so these last few days. This isn't so much a story as it is a request for some advice that I believe a few of you (at least from what I've seen over the last few days) could possibly help me with.

First some background information might be of some use. I used to "belong" to an online pack called The Razgriz Pack. They helped me a lot, I cannot deny that, however, I did leave them after certain events including someone from the community defacing the entire website sometime back in 2010 and since then have been making my own way seeings that I live in a rather isolated area (I don't live in the America's or Europe at the moment, moved to Southern Africa in 1996) so I do not have contact with many individuals that can help me other than those i befriended whilst at Razgriz that I've kept in contact with. I completed my first p-shift around 5 months ago, 4 months after my 18th birthday.

Now my request for some advice isn't rather complicated in theory however, it seems to elude me in practice. I manage to keep myself under-wraps most of the time and have developed a good control over my emotions and body in terms of how hard I grip things most of the time since having problems with that in the past to name an example. I seem to lose quite a bit of control whilst having fun, or doing things that honestly shouldn't require control in my understanding. When I say loose control, I do not mean I risk shifting, but rather that I act in a manner different to who I am normally whilst under control, more predatory but not to the extent of intentially hurting someone. I do things with more force than is considered normal, running seems more efficient (I'm not normally slow but in one instance I caught up with a friend who can outrun me in most events and whilst passing pushed backward with my hand lifting him up before he fell back down whilst I kept going, after that I was chastised by quite a few people there because of the force of it causing him to do some damage to his pelvis upon landing) and that sort of thing. So my question is how do you go about limiting this sort of behavior whilst having fun and most things slip from your mind?
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I think twilight or teen wolf covers this.