Is It True The Quileute Legends?

many have stated they were a wolf, or is descended from one. but is it physically possible? people claim they are one but never give any of us "pale faces" any proof. witches that i believe, though God made us human, not both human and animal. though we were descended from animals; just not those of wolves. legends are legends. im not being rude but, most of those claiming that they are wolves may have Schizophrenia. meaning they fully believe what they see or think. you may deny that fact of truth, but unless we have the proof or can see most wont believe. the werewolf were old legneds scaring children from going out at night.

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the reason we do not give proof is because we don't want to be hunted. we don't want to be some science project when we are caught. we don't want to be used to enhance those who never believed in us in the first place, therefor we keep to our little forums all around the world,