I Need Help

I need help i am so tired of my friend saying he imprinted on me and i want so bad to be one someone help me
torbettgirl123 torbettgirl123
18-21, F
8 Responses Jan 21, 2013

It says urs is blocked

*eats buttery salty popcorn and drinks pepsi*

I'm staying out of this lol

Awwww the scared little boy blocked me cause he got caught in lies.

Sorry, once a wolf "imprints" on someone, it's for life. Whether you like them or not

I didnt say i didnt like them i want to be like them

Well the way you wrote it made it sound like it

No i love him i just want to be like him

Hey what dobu need help with

Cleveland tennessee

I dont care if it kills me