Ok wat exactly is imprinting. Ik it's a very strong ever lasting bond. Once a wolf imprints on u then they will always love and if u leave them then it can litterly kill them. But I wanna know everything I can know bout imprinting. My mate imprinted on me and I got curious wat else is there to it. Sometimes she can feel my emotions... If I got hurt or anything would she be able to feel it?
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Yes,you can feel her pain,and she can feel yours. I once imprinted on a wolf. I loved him with all my heart,soul,and body. I LIVED for him. When he left..... I died inside. I felt so sad. I was beyond tears. I was beyond pain. I was hurt. Every time I thought of him,my heart crumbled,and I feel tears finally claw at my eyes. When I saw them together,I died inside. My heart was in pieces. My soul was shattered. My head was reeling. But when I met my new mate,all of the pain went away. It was as if it was never there. My heart is still broken. But day by day,my new mate is picking up a piece and putting it back in it's place. I was withering rose,losing it's life,but slowly I'm becoming a new rose. Thanks to my new mate. I can never go back,and I'll always feel that pain,but I'm moving forward,and gaining hope that one day I'll find my true love. I understand love can break you,but it can also heal you. I have learned to love truly.

Imprinting is a learning process by which a newborn establishes a behavior pattern of
recognition and attraction to another person of its own kind

Imprint is a word that has only surfaced since twilight. Used to it was simply referred to as bonded or bound. Yes it can kill but it does not happen in adolescent wolves. This is something I can actually attest to personally.