Quit Being A Fake-wolf..!!!

Hey guys, Amber's here, I just wanna say that why there are many people, no offense humans, faking as werewolves..??
I'm just confused.
Just tell me, you guys (not us wolves) think being a werewolf is fun, and you just wanna run around and hunt people down??
Lycanthrophy is not like that.. And why the f*** do people want us werewolves to bite them..?? Dude, I mean.. Seriously biting??? Bi*** please..
Do they think that living with this " curse " is fun??
Do you really wanna feel excruciating pain when shifting??
Or you guys are simply into the ****** Twilight fandom..
We are not like that, and YES!! I'm representing all of the wolves out there who are really tired with this roleplaying annoying attention seeking shower of c****!!!
We got rights to live in this world, and please normal people..
Just pleeeeaseee just be who you really are and stop pretending someone you are not..
I'm sorry for the bad words I said, Somtimes I just lose my temper.. I think I'm gonna bathe myself with holy water now.... :(
AmberMoonlight AmberMoonlight
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I just HATE IT SO MUCH when humans f***ing do this all the time!

Are you really a werewolf? I thought I was the only one


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Hey just wanted to say Amber that this really spoke to me thanks for being an inspiration. 1 question, have u ever been angry then looked in the mirror and your eyes have changed colour? (not glowing just a different colour) cuz I got pissed off at my brother once and I went to wash my face after I punched a wall and when I looked in the mirror my eyes were yellow.

Please help Ian am keeton Remus Hartley I am not sure what I am I am in a small group called hailpack, they are likened, have been like thus sunset I can remember (I remember things up to when I was two) when I get mad I black out , Friday I knocked a boy who kept yellow g at me nose broke and his two front teeth. I had blacked out. No one beloved me, I feel and energy to do something, my vision get little black balls in them and then I feel like I'm on fire, a whole lot of pain, and then I just black out. It usallyhappens Shannon mad Apr at night.the TW is another place I hang around my phone number is 2515899228 please tell me what is wing with me? are there others like me??? Or am I something off...please tell me. I'm worried my last I'll say aquatiance ran away from me when utile him/her about it. Please call or text me I NEED information. If I need to tell more about what my life is like or what happens that made me come here please feel free to talk to me. I was born like this, I show very sharp teeth... I don't know why. And a bad attitude.

How are you pm me btw

Thank u finally I hate when humans pretend it ****** me off

me too.... :3

Like I never got why humans could never be there self and why do they have to pretend to be us than lie about what it is like

I know that feel.... :/

Yes yes everyone is a fake but not you, no, you're a real werewolf! Honest to god! 13-15 years old. Has nothing to do with the current popular culture..

Dude, My birthday is on christmas eve, I'm 16 now, sorry for the wrong age.. :(
And, why would you post this comment just to offend me. :(

LOL bathe with holy water. Good one

Lol! I love making jokes.. but not always.. :(

Im at work reading this and it made me laugh.

So, werewolves are real? What is it like

It feels fun to just run outside and take a break from my dumb family (who i hate and i wanna join a pack X3) and hunt, though it can get lonely without a pack..