Make me a Werewolf, strong and bold,
with the sinners alike of young and old,
wash me in the blood of the old,
with the Gods, watching by old time,
make me a selected host of the Devlish Host,
granting my wish of eternal power.

Give me fangs, give me night vision, give me enhanced hearing,
give me speed, give me strength, give me the heart of the beast.

I say to you, I pray to the Ancestors,

make me a Werewolf, I beg you, make me the beast, I beg you.

Make me the Werewolf, I beg you, with all of it's eternal powers.
Werewolf01 Werewolf01
2 Responses Jan 22, 2013


So like usual every person (cough) werewovles (cough) vampires on this site is getting...probably annoyed by this silly question...like can you turn me into a werewolve. they answered it so maney times that its really no point at all. im not poiting fingers because that would be pointless