Please Answer If You Can

My name is Malachi I am werewolf or at least I believe I am. No I do not turn into some kind of human/wolf hybrid or a normal wolf on four legs. The reason I think I am is because of the blackouts, cravings, wolf dreams, and seeing myself as a white wolf. But, my questions are how do you know your a werewolf for sure without full transformation? Are there any wolves or packs near my area(Message me if you want to know my area)? Are there wolf spells? Do wolves practice Magic or Meditation? How does a wolf train? Also how many types of wolves are there? Therian, alpha, omega, lone, beta, berseker, hybrids, elemental, guardians and skin walker these are different wolves I heard of dont know if all of them are true so please tell me.

Please looking for legitimate answers if you cant answer then please try not to respond. Not to be mean but it would give my hopes up just for someone to comment with no feedback instead message
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Just pm me.