A Million Thanks To You Wolves!!

Hey guys! I really owe you wolves a REAALLY BIG BAD WOLF HUG!! You guys are awesome!! Thanks for becoming so supportive to each other as a family and whenever I've feeling blue and being make funned by people ...

(And I don't know why people are calling me a 15 year old b**** looking for attention.. That's just mean and kinda rude)
Firstly, I'm 16!..
Second, I behave like a dude.. -.-"
Third, yes! I enjoy gaming!!! SKYRIM FTW!!
And if normal people don't like us being werewolves, why would they come here for the first place?? Am I right??

You guys are even amazing than my school friends, I really really liked your stories (and I wanna hear more) , and I would love to help "lost" wolves out there.. That's what being a family is all about!

P.s: Here have a piece of bacon and a cookie! and just be the awesome wolf you are and don't let people judge you for being your wild wolf self!! :3

AmberMoonlight AmberMoonlight
18-21, F
3 Responses Jan 23, 2013

Lol, I feel the same way 99% of the time... Now I want bacon

*cough vampires to..not that i think im one but could be one


Only one thing to say.....im the only big bad b¡tch in these parts. Remember that ;)

lol! :D